Break up

after breaking with someone
you still feel for that person
even though you know it’s wrong
you still think back to all the
phone calls that were made and
what was said life that might
of been is now over and plans
that were made are no longer
plans but memories of what they
were going to be, all the songs
you dedicated to that person
always make you cry because
they remind you of the bond
between you and that person
after breaking up you think
that no one will love you
and you think that the person
you had was for life but you
thought wrong all the emotions
you thought you had control of
just come back at once you have
no one to talk to because the person
you want to talk to said its not fair
to keep in contract due to what you
once had. you sometimes still dream
about that person because even though
you dont keep in contract they are still
mentally with you i thought it was my
fault in our break up but he never told the truth right from the very start.

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