Alone – Sad Poem

My self is now mine, no longer up for the takin’
people had their chance
they took it only to return it blacker than when it left
you took my innocence
you took my naivety
your tip? anger
you left anger…bitter and not so sweet anger
how can you cause so much pain?
why do you want to hurt me?
you and your damn eyes
you and your damn words
you, you and even you
i sat in awe
thought things could for once be
last time no, but maybe this time
let me try again
no more
i’ve hit the end
i’ve frayed my rope
it’s over
i will not seek
i will not find
i will not hope
i will be alone
lonliness will be mine
but a loniness not worse from the lack of you
a loniness where i can’t miss what i don’t have
where i can’t miss what i never knew
lack of knowledge can make me ignorant
but it can’t make me hurt, it can only hurt you
a heart already broken, shattered,but not dissolved
and this is how it will stay
go away
come not near me
hate will eat me
hate found me
but you lead it here and i will push that away too
i will not seek
i will not find
i will not hope
i will be alone
my wall was broken by your words
by my yearn to be loved
by the string of hope i once clung too
no more
it is gone
don’t try
love is not for this
love is not for thee
impossible to love
impossible to reach
if you seek, you will not find
if you hope, you will be alone
i will be alone
leave me alone.

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