A Special Gift

If there is a thing called anniversary
I’m sure it was nothing without the monthsary.
Today is the day we need to celebrate
For it is our special monthsary day.

Months have passed since we first met
I never thought that I could love even through the net
We keep on chatting everyday, not to forget every single day
For it is where our love starts, from then on you had your way.

A way of showing me how it feels to be loved;
A way of caring, loving even someone else’s love.
I hope some how by now you should have known
I do care and love you for real, you know.

I made this poem on this special day my love
To let you know how true it is my love…
I made this poem on our monthsary
To let you know that you’re special to me.

I would like you to know that there is a gift that comes your way…
It’s not a thing that money can buy, sure not too expensive in any way,
But I hope you like the simple yet special gift from me to you my love…
For that special gift I can offer is no other than ME and my love…

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honey! says:

“honey I want to be in your arms,where you hold me tight and never let me go..Iloveyousomuch!”

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