Grow Up

You think you’re smart.
You think you’re cute.
You think you had it all.
You think you’re good.

You’re a married man
But do you think and act like one?
You party everyday,
And you think its ok?

You send your child to school
And you think your duty is done.
You had a lot of time for your friends.
But with your child, you barely have some.

You think you’re a good father,
Because you think you’re a good provider.
Have you really thought about that?
Apparently, not because you haven’t really have the balls to

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2 Responses on “Grow Up”

Mimiyao says:

I like this.. very straightforward.
Keep it up!

Georgina Weiner says:

That was so touching. I began to tear up, such a beautiful poem! Bravo! Bravo!

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