You’re unbelievable
tell me.just how many more promises
you want to make
only to conveniently forget it later
I have come to hate you’re nothing but a beast
and manipulative
an emotional abuser to the core
there’s nothing quiet like
to take huge risks and to lied for you
depression describe all that
tears and worries that made me weak.
helpless and alone.and though
I would never recover
without an outlet or anything
or anyone to relate to
You’re a beast
who conveniently made me suffer
It’s a huge misery and a hit
of incredible batch of bad luck
while you don’t walk your talk
It’s a lonely journey for me
being in the dark
wondering when I will be free
If only I can control that beast
to enable him to get out
and for once be a better man
but the more I tried
the more I dropped
now.I’ve finally realised
It wasn’t me it was you all this while
who choose what you want to be
and I have come to hate you
because you’re nothing but a beast.

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