You’re An Angel

You’re an Angel that nobody can see,
Still an Angel is what you are to me
An angel from heaven is what you are
In my sky you’re definably a heavenly star

You’re an angel with beauty & grace
You’re kind & sweet, you have an angel face
You have very graceful angel wings
Happiness and joy are just some things
that an angel can give

In my heart & mind is where you’re living
You have hair as soft as the white clouds
A guardian angel is what Ive gotten.
Your eyes are like sapphires that shine bright.
When everything is dark, you give me light.

You’re an angel that gives me a reason to live,
You’re an angel that teaches me to give.
You’re an angel that teaches me the right things to say.
You’re my angel & Ill always care.
You’re my angel & you know Ill always be there.

Written by – Richard Mr.Wofe Thompsom, Jamaica

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4 Responses on “You’re An Angel”

charles says:

i love this poem its beautiful

kieshacane delos reyes says:

this poem is fabulous…i really like it

preetham angel says:

My gal frd name is angel, so i luv my angel, but now a days she is avoiding me. plz dont go away from me….

sankar says:

my gf is an angel and so cute i luv her but now she don’t talk wd me.

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