Saraswati Puja Images, Pictures, Graphics

Saraswati Puja is a Hindu festival dedicated to the goddess of music, art, and knowledge called Saraswati. This festival is celebrated in January or February in the month of Magh also called Basant Panchami or Vasant Panchami.

During the occasion Brahmins are fed, the god of love Kamadeva is worshipped, special prayers for Goddess Saraswati are organized by many educational institutions, Pitr Tarpan or ancestor worship is performed and children are taught to write their first words. On this day, the yellow color is considered very important and therefore people dress up in yellow color clothes, consume yellow sweets, and worship Saraswati in yellow clothes. The goddess is offered yellow flowers, gulal, fruits, yellow-colored sweets, roli, and moli.