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Black Poetry Day is celebrated in remembrance of the birth of the man referred to as the father of African American literature, Jupiter Hammon, the first published black poet in the United States of America.

On October 17, 1761, Jupiter Hammon, (poet, writer, and preacher) became the first black published author in the United States, paving the way for many other Black authors and poets to share their gifts with the world. More than 250 years later, Black Poetry Day is celebrated each year on the anniversary of this important occasion.
Starting in 1985, Black Poetry Day was founded to celebrate the work of Black poets as well as pay respect to Black literacy, heritage, and culture in general. The contributions Black poets have made to the world offer a deep and impressive insight into their world, culture, and experiences over the past centuries and in the modern day.
Listen to these important voices by joining in on the celebration of Black Poetry Day!