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If you have any suggestions, complaints, just leave a comment. :mrgreen:

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Text is still not clear in many pics. If you use photoshop, you can add border to the text which would make it more readable.

Check out these pics, text is readable:

bt as par da instructions u said u supposd to use font below 40 or less dan 40,i did da same bt kk,ma blunder again, lol

mr.moderator hv lill bit mercy on me ds time,lol

I sent you an email. Please check.


You use paint I suppose?

Thanksssssssss for showing my submitted pics… and today i submit some pics again……. i wish that i’ll see them in next few days.

Thankssssssss once again.

I would like you to see under COMMENTS>Boys and girls;Page submitted by:Sunny Qadian,on page 1.I like your website for all the beautiful graphics and words.It is inspiring.The above picture is the most discusting image I have seen yet on a web page.You should take this as an offensive to your site.If you have already seen this and you do not find it disturbing,I would be surprised.
I hope you will remove this page.Boys and girls that are young would look at this page first out of curiousity and be shocked.That would be unfair to alot of people,to satisfy one submitter’s feelings.Thank you for your time.I do not mean to insult the person who submitted this picture,I just do not understand the logic of actually having this posted.

It has been removed. Thanks for the feedback.

bt was wrong wid dat pix,didnt get it so plz tell me?

nice dear

dear ur collection is 22222222222 nice and best of luck

heya wats happen again sumthin wrong wid dem?

heyaa,tnx 4 dat attachment i would oophs i wouldn’t repeat all dat blunders again

hello I’am Trusting Your Pictures,Comments and Beautiful Things such Birth Day,Quetos also I like Funny or Funny things

good by and thanks allot

NB:PLZ I wana Your FEEt Back in my Mail.


This is Lucy, I just checked in and seen your comment about removing a picture. Thank you for that. It shows your respect. Again, this is a wonderful web site.


This site is good for Love

hi frnd why u reject my photos

Your name was written in large font size.
Would be better if you don’t write your name in the pics. Maybe use your initials “JW”…

i want to add some pics. how can i do it
plz reply soon

desi comment my poem has stll nt came in the list.iam waitng fr the poem pls accept my poem

This website is very cool.
How can i know i add my wallpaper and my favourite picture.
please give me answer on my mail id.

How I Can Use DC Quick Approval Stamp In My Photos??????

v nyc site ….gud collection of pics….keep it up!

Its very very very nice site …………….

wt happn,out of 14 or 15,u selected only 2 or 4 pics,

wt happn,out of 14 or 15,u selected only 2 or 4 pics,wats wrong in dem ,cn u tell me wats da flaws in it?

@Honey Singh
You can use the stamp in photoshop. Add that stamp with around 50% opacity.

7 pics approved, please submit quality pics.

veer g tuhanu dove hath jod ke sat shri akal..me tuhanu email kitia c ke meria pic submit aa jehria tusi saria delete kar sakde aa veer ji pls tell me
menu mail kar ke das do veer ji tuhada shota jiha veer jai koy galti ho gay hove ta maaf kar deoooooo

asi tuhade nal nave(new) judan lage han. please sanu honsla dena g.thks

good but add more rainy and full attitude attractive quotes

hii i want to delete my photo from this site but it couldnt delete plz tell me how to delete my image plzz


Thanks for excellent collections of wallpapers.
I love beautiful photos of sunsets, ocean, nature, etc.
Quality of pictures is excellent !!!

nice msgs ……

hi i submit a pic. but i don’t saw any result of my pic. so give me any result of my pic on ginder143@live.com

I like this site bc i get everything in thi site

God bless u

evrythng here is jst prfct…….
hats off to all who hv provided dis site wid dere cool pics n ideas n shayari….its really gr8 to b d part of dis
keep prkking PUNJABIZZ B-)

it’s too good site for desi people.

jattan layi v spehial cooment hone chaide

bakki desi comment doing gud job keep it up

this is my first time being on ur desicomments,i love ur all the work u done but i want some wallpapers in funny ways or some cooments on bikes nd on cars like landi jeep…….i hope u will understand,gudluk for desicomments.

hello! this site tooooooooo gooooooooooooooooood

desi comments bht achi website h. but new pics submit krn na

I Lik Desicomment web Image & graphic…I want to login my account in websit But there at Home page no any login box…

plz add me

hi plz me add the desi comments

hi i m karan from jalandhar

plz add me khushboo verma

I want to know remove picture sumit in this
desi commen.com.Kindly tell me the procedure on my EMAIL address… plzz i will be very thankful to u…

You can use the forum section of desicomments

Let us know. Use the contact us page.

hiii i want to say that desicommets is the best site.in this we can share our favorite with other.by the way m impressed very much from desicommets.com.Thank you

Hi!This site is really cool,awesome,fantastic……..superb!
I Luv this site
Tooooo much………….!!

Best collection of Quotes,pics and everything!
I am really attached with this site.

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