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Full Name
Tamanna M.

Nick Name


A word that describes you best?

Do you enjoy scary movies?

When was the last time you said “i love you” ?

Most embarrassing moment?

Are you afraid of the dark?
I love darkness..:P

Biggest regret?
Regret nothing. You make mistakes, you make good decisions, you learn your lessons, you move on.

Met the love of your life yet?
I lost the love of my life

Your biggest fear?
Your biggest dream is also your biggest fear

Do you drive fast?
I don’t have the license yet..:P

What do you like most about yourself?
My eyes!

The one thing you would like to change about yourself?
My height!

Is anyone in love with you?
I don’t know:D

Are you in a complicated love situation?

If you had a super power, what would it be?
To fly.

If you are asked to work in a movie, which star would you co-star with?
Ranveer Kapoor and Fardeen Khan

Last book you read?

If you are marooned on an island you would like to be with?
With my dream boy:P

Things that annoy you?
When you smile at someone or say hello to someone, and they ignore you or pretend not to see,
EVEN THOUGH you definitely made eye contact.

Money or Love?

Favorite movie of all time?

If someone tells me “I love you..”, I am likely to…
Give a smile:)

If I meet GOD I would…
I would thank Him for all that i have been blessed

How much time do you spend online daily?
3/4 hours

Favorite destination in the world?

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319 Responses

nice u how r u

Hi ! Tammu hw r you ?
1st of all U r beautiful.
Infact I can say Beauty wid Brain.
There is ne need to say nethng more….?
You can Mail Me..I m also a nice guy. i like u,,,,,

hi tamana u are sooooooooooo good girl ……

Hai i am ur big fan.

hi.tamanna g

dear add me plzzzzzzzzzzz & enjoy

You are very beautiful and cute! I love youuuu


A rose for a beautiful person.
…………………\| take care

Tamus u great lady, I luv U. luv ur pics

hlo mam hw r u???

I like ur way of giveing answer…


hellooo tammana… how r u ..?



latest msg kado kitta tamanna ne koi dassuga menu…….

where is tammu now…..when did she came online last time can any1 tell me this…..plzzzz

Hiiiiiiiii Tanu.

how are you.
you are so sweet girl.

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