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they say nothing last forever. so this pain will pass.

A noble woman can take u to the top of world,whereas a bad one can make u knock the doors of hell.

Life is really what you make it at times its shining and dancing in your face other times its weeping and has nothing to offer. The daily hardships we face are what shape us to be who we are . You cant live a life with out hardship it is every humans destiny and what you make of it is what makes you

If physics is the universe’s operating system, then an intelligence estimate is life’s core dump.

Victory belongs to that person who dares to have it.

All men are created equal, except when I’m on a horse, then I’m better than you.

Only LOVE stops hate.

Friends are like sisters that god never gave us.

‘As my heart slowly rips apart, I reminisce on the times I told you I loved you, and you said I was your forever and ever, your slowly fading away to nothing as the blood starts to escape slowly down my arm, im losing touch, im losing sight, look what your doing to me.’

you may be out of sight but never out of mind, i miss you

love is like lightening, whilst it is happening it lights up your life but come the end it can strike you down

when you are hurt by someone you can’t move on especially when you love him so in effect it is hard to forgive when you can’t forget

If your not planning for success, you might just as well plan for failure

Looking for a single job? Life is more than just a narrow pathway from A to B.

Maybe its better that friends come in and out of life; what would you do with hundreds of best friends anyway..

Go beyond thinking of freedom of the media; appreciate your privacy when the media has not invaded it.

I friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten all the words.

Who your friends are is what you are

Life is like a train ..we catch..we decide when to get off, people we meet are like stations you the only person decide to get off to reach them,,so take care of your next stop.

Strength in its meaning doesn’t mean to do till you are tired but how much you can reach when you are already tired