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Everything comes to those,who waits for things to come………..

Getting bucked off is not embarrassing its when you don’t get back on that is embarrassing.

A cowboys horse always eats first

Praising Yourself is not a good Habit.

Undesirable circumstances are the consequences of bad mistakes but life is full of change and decisions. Do not forget it only takes one person to make a decision to change the world. Living life in undesirable situations is the result of regretting life itself and time never stops to fix our mistakes. Do not give up time for mistakes; instead make a change for you to prepare for the right decisions.

When some other comes close to ‘u’..
Some closest to ‘u’ goes away…. from ‘u’

When some one is least interested to listen ‘u’…
its because dat person is least interested to tell u..

Never loose an opportunity…
if u loose it,u loose a good chance of ur life which will never be back as an opportunity…..think on it..

Hope is the ray which gives u a strength to move further in life…

true definition of sarcasm —-its an infallible sign of intellectual bankruptcy

“The world is truly beautiful solely in the eyes of a true philosopher.”

Love is an ocean of emotions,
Entirely surrounded by passionate expectations.

Man is not measured by his normality, but rather by his deviation from it.

True friends love you for nothing else but for who you are.

Lilly of the valley
bright and morning star
You have been so pally,
how wonderful you are!

Love is as dangerous as poison.But it kills slowly.

Misunderstanding in Love is big reason for breakup.

A friend in need is a friend in deed.

A meaning for life won’t be found in this world, we don’t have the means to find it.

With motivation develops a lot of things in and around you,intelligence is just one of them.