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People are always excited to get customers to walk into their store, are even more interested to close sales. However don’t go the extra mile to retain the customers. Relatively, we want to make as many friends as possible but we only do little to retain the friendship.
– Elise Loh

Submitted by Elise Loh.

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Life is good u just need to learn how to live it. See everyday as a new chance to righting the wrongs, if not it’s a new chance to do a new mistake that u’ll learn from tomorrow
– Meha

Submitted by meha.

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Living well is about having a balance life.

Neither money nor love can get out of hand because when it does, you no longer have control of your life.

By Ezequiel Esquivel Jr ™ (26 March 2010)

Submitted by Ezequiel Esquivel Jr.

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