Risk Quotes, Sayings about taking risk - Page 3

At the risk of sounding ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by feelings of love.
– Che Guavara

With love, you should go ahead and take the risk of getting hurt because love is an amazing feeling.
– Britney Spears

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.
– Mary L Cook

Most people can do extraordinary things if they have the confidence or take the risks. Yet most people.
– Philip Andrew Adams

Whenever I prepare for a journey I prepare as though for death. Should I never return, all is in order.
– Katherine Mansfield

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent in doing nothing.
– George Bernard Shaw

Those who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try nothing and succeed.
– Lloyd Jones

There are those who are so scrupulously afraid of doing wrong that they seldom venture to do anything.
– Vauvenargues

My career as a model. I was due to go to University. It was a risk but it was the right decision.
– Lucy Pinder

What is more mortifying than to feel you’ve missed the Plum for want of courage to shake the Tree?
– Logan Pearsall Smith

Progress always involves risk; you can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first base.
– Frederick Wilcox

Yes, risk taking is inherently failure prone. Otherwise, it would be called sure thing taking.
– Tim McMahon

It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves in finding themselves.
– André Gide

They have to do something, otherwise more and more referees will be forced out of the game.
– Meier

People wish to be settled: only as far as they are unsettled is there any hope for them.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life, like poker has an element of risk. It shouldn’t be avoided. It should be faced.
– Edward Norton

The moment somebody says ‘this is very risky’ is the moment it becomes attractive to me.
– Kate Capshaw

During the first period of a man’s life the greatest danger is not to take the risk.
– Soren Kierkegaard

I dip my pen in the blackest ink, because I’m not afraid of falling into my inkpot.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

At the risk of sounding naff, it is having hope fulfilled idea of happiness.
– Brenda Blethyn