Reality Quotes - Page 4

We all know interspecies romance is weird.
– Tim Burton

The greatest magnifying glasses in the world are a man’s own eyes when they look upon his own person.
– Alexander Pope

May the dreams of your past be the reality of your future.
– Anonymous

All good things must come to an end, but all bad things can continue forever.
– Anonymous

Quite frankly, teachers are the only profession that teach our children.
– Dan Quayle

Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper.
– Mark Twain

Early to bed, early to rise, keeps you healthy, wealthy and wise.
– Benjamin Franklin

For I don’t care too much for money, for money can’t buy me love.
– Beatles

You can be young without money but you can’t be old without it.
– Anonymous

Religion can be defined as a system of beliefs and practices by means of which a group of people struggles with the ultimate problems of human life.
– Milton Yinger

You too must not count overmuch on your reality as you feel it today, since, like that of yesterday, it may prove an illusion for you tomorrow.
– Luigi Pirandello

The real distinction is between those who adapt their purposes to reality and those who seek to mold reality in the light of their purposes.
– Henry Kissinger

The human understanding is like a false mirror, which, receiving rays irregularly, distorts and discolors the nature of things by mingling its own nature with it.
– Francis Bacon

Given that external reality is a fiction, the writer’s role is almost superfluous. He does not need to invent the fiction because it is already there.
– J. G. Ballard

A test of what is real is that it is hard and rough. Joys are found in it, not pleasure. What is pleasant belongs to dreams.
– Simone Weil

There is only one admirable form of the imagination: the imagination that is so intense that it creates a new reality, that it makes things happen.
– Sean O’Faolain

As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.
– Albert Einstein

The word “Christianity” is already a misunderstanding in reality there has been only one Christian, and he died on the Cross.
– Friedrich Nietzsche

There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.
– Douglas Everett

It must be hard to be a model, because you’d want to be like the photograph of you, and you can’t ever look that way.
– Andy Warhol