Prosperity Quotes - Page 4

There is no way to prosperity, prosperity is the way.
– Wayne Dyer

The tragedy is that what you disapprove of in others is the very thing you disapprove of in yourself.
? Stephen Richards

Everything in the world may be endured except continual prosperity.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Start with big dreams and make life worth living.
? Stephen Richards

Adversity makes men, and prosperity makes monsters.
– Victor Hugo

To seek “causes” of poverty in this way is to enter an intellectual dead end because poverty has no causes. Only prosperity has causes.
? Jane Jacobs

It’s God’s will for you to live in prosperity instead of poverty. It’s God’s will for you to pay your bills and not be in debt.
– Joel Osteen

Submit to God and be at peace with him; in this way prosperity will come to you.
? Anonymous

Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.
– Aristotle

No nation has ever taxed itself into prosperity.
– Rush Limbaugh

The long, dull, monotonous years of middle-aged prosperity or middle-aged adversity are excellent campaigning weather for the devil.
– C. S. Lewis

Learning is an ornament in prosperity, a refuge in adversity, and a provision in old age.
? Aristotle

Prosperity is the best protector of principle.
– Mark Twain