Originality Quotes

If it’s good, it’s mine. If it’s bad, it’s a fake.
– Pablo Picasso

“I refuse to believe that Hendrix had the last possessed hand,
that Joplin had the last drunken throat,
that Morrison had the last enlightened mind.”

– Patti Smith

“Each of us is an artist of our days; the greater our integrity and awareness, the more original and creative our time will become.”

– John O’Donohue

“It is necessary to any originality to have the courage to be an amateur.”

– Wallace Stevens

“He was no longer quite sure whether anything he had ever thought or felt was truly his own property, or whether his thoughts were merely a common part of the world’s store of ideas which had always existed ready-made and which people only borrowed, like books from a library.”

– Milan Kundera

“Solitude is the soil in which genius is planted, creativity grows, and legends bloom; faith in oneself is the rain that cultivates a hero to endure the storm, and bare the genesis of a new world, a new forest.”

– Mike Norton

“An original artist is unable to copy. So he has only to copy in order to be original.”

– Jean Cocteau

“I’d rather be interesting, original, & unique then follow the pack. Revel in who you truly are & be liberated!”

– Amy Leigh Mercree

“originality and a feeling of one’s own dignity are achieved only through work and struggle.”

– Fyodor Dostoyevsky

“Give up on trying to be original. Every song has been sung, every picture has been painted, and every story has been told. The best one can do is sing, draw, or tell it again well.”

– Evan Mandery

“That which is original creates a new origin. That which is original, by definition, must stray off the previously worn paths. It must wander; it must err.”

– Blake Charlton

“Once conform, once do what other people do because they do it, and a lethargy steals over all the finer nerves and faculties of the soul. She becomes all outer show and inward emptiness; dull, callous, and indifferent.”

– Virginia Woolf

“If ever it’s necessary to ride the bandwagon, it’s done with one leg swinging out and eyes scoping the fields.”

– Criss Jami

“All novels are sequels; influence is bliss.”

– Michael Chabon

“We are all feeding from each other, all the time, every day.”

– Dave Eggers

“We can never be entirely original, as artists or as people. The genius and vision of those who came before us is too great for us to digress from entirely. Though, as creatures that are compelled to test and surpass our own creative abilities, we must always strive for that originality in everything we do in order to move the world forward.”

– Jessica Lave

“Sometimes we have to behave indifferent towards people who proclaim their love to us, just to see if they are really different.”

– Michael Bassey Johnson

“What is the point of being on this Earth if you are going to be like everyone else?”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Great artists are a little too gifted to be bound by boxes and labels, and in saying that, the label ‘artist’ is to be used lightly.”

– Criss Jami

“The ethics of plagiarism have turned into the narcissism of small differences: because journalism cannot own up to its heavily derivative nature, it must enforce originality on the level of the sentence.”

– Malcolm Gladwell