Hockey Quotes - Page 2

Put the kids in with a few old pappy guys who still like to win and the combination is unbeatable.
– Conn Smythe

They say you’re not a coach in the league till you’ve been fired. I must be getting pretty good.
– Terry Simpson

A fast body contact game played by men with clubs in their hands and knives laced to their feet.
– Paul Gallico

You can have all the talent in the world, but if the pumper”s not there, it doesn”t matter.
– Glen Sather

I honestly believe some would have given up their left leg to stop a shot in the third period.
– Milan Gajic

Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking your potential.
– Liane Carlos

If you’ve only got one day to live, come see the Toronto Maple Leafs. It’ll seem like forever.
– Pat

I know my players don’t like my practises, but that’s OK because I don’t like their games.
– Harry Neale

I grabbed it and squeezed it back into place. It gave a little crunch and popped right in.
– Jay Wells

I just made up my mind that I was going to lose my teeth and have my face cut to pieces.
– Johnny Bower

It would have been worse if we hadn’t blocked the kick after Toronto’s second touch down.
– Alex Delvecchio

There are two types of forwards. Scorers and bangers. Scorers score and bangers bang.
– Ken Dryden

We get nose jobs all the time in the NHL, and we don’t even have to go to the hospital.
– Brad Park

Hockey is the only job I know where you get paid to have a nap on the day of the game.
– Chico Resch

Bob Kelly was so dumb, they shoulda written his name on the Stanley Cup in crayon.
– Gene Hart

Aw, don’t worry about that Doc. If it happens I could always come back as a forward.
– Harold Snepsts

Yeah, I”m cocky and I am arrogant. But that doesn”t mean I”m not a nice person.
– Jeremy Roenick

They do a lot of talking, but I’m not sure they actually understand each other.
– Darren McCarty

American professional athletes are bilingual; they speak English and profanity.
– Gordie Howe

The three important elements of hockey are: forecheck, backcheck and pay check.
– Gil Perreault