Get Well Soon Quotes

I know you are not very fond of doctors so I hope to see your smile back at the earliest. get well soon!
– Anonymous

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I wish you a healthy recovery. May you soon get back to the best of your health. Take your care. get well soon.
– Anonymous

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Don’t you worry my dear, I am praying hard for your speedy recovery. get well soon and stay healthy.
– Anonymous

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Okay, so today your feeling low But soon you will be better you know Listen to the doctors you meet And before you know it you’ll be back on your feet.
– C. Pulsifer

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The cross of Christ shows us that God’s love is of deepest descent… universal distribution and of eternal duration.
– Dr. Fred Barlow

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You have a cough? Go home tonight, eat a whole box of Ex Lax tomorrow you’ll be afraid to cough.
– Pearl Williams

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I learned a long time ago that minor surgery is when they do the operation on someone else, not you.
– Bill Walton

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Wishing that each day brings your renewed strength, brighter times, and a healthier, happier you
– Anonymous

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The treatment is really a cooperative of a trinity–the patient, the doctor and the inner doctor.
– Ralph Bircher

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A bowl of warmth, a soft face, a new day. Some get-well thoughts sent your way. Feel better soon.
– Anonymous

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