Flowers quotes - Page 3

Flower arrangement: just two yellow daffodils, the first to bloom.
– L.A. Davidson

Beauty, unaccompanied by virtue, is as a flower without perfume.
– French Proverb

Bread feeds the body, indeed, but flowers feed also the soul.
– Koran

A kiss without a hug is like a flower without the fragrance.
– Maltese Proverb

Tis my faith that every flower Enjoys the air it breathes!
– William Wordsworth

The world is a rose; smell it and pass it to your friends.
– Persian Proverb

A flower, when offered in the bud, is no vain sacrifice.
– Isaac Watts

Flowers are words Which even a babe may understand.
– Bishop Arthur Cleveland

The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks.
– Tennessee Williams

I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.
– Claude Monet

It is at the edge of a petal that love waits.
– William Carlos Williams

Every flower is a soul blossoming in Nature.
– Gerard De Nerval

Gather the flowers, but spare the buds.
– Andrew Marvell

A root is a flower that disdains fame.
– Kahlil Gibran

Perfumes are the feelings of flowers.
– Heinrich Heine

Flowers are love’s truest language.
– Park Benjamin

Where flowers bloom so does hope.
– Lady Bird Johnson

The Earth Laughs in Flowers.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

The poet’s darling.
– William Wordsworth