Fate Quotes, Sayings about destiny - Page 4

We create our fate every day we live.
– Henry Miller

All human things are subject to decay, And when fate summons, monarchs must obey.
– John Dryden

They are raised on high that they may be dashed to pieces with a greater fall.
– Claudian

Call it Nature, Fate, Fortune; all these are names of the one and selfsame God.
– Seneca

Chance happens to all, but to turn chance to account is the gift of few.
– Edward G. Bulwer

Fate is nothing but the deeds committed in a prior state of existence.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.
– Bible

Go with your fate, but not beyond. Beyond leads to dark places.
– Mary Renault

The bow is bent, the arrow flies, The winged shaft of fate.
– Ira Frederick Aldridge

Fate is for those too weak to determine their own destiny.
– Kamran Hamid

Fate leads the willing and drags along the unwilling.
– Seneca

There is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn.
– Albert Camus

A person must stand very tall to see their own fate.
– Danish Proverb

A man, when he wishes, is the master of his fate.
– Jose Ferrer

Many things happen between the cup and the lip.
– Robert Burton

Every one is the architect of his own fortune.
– Mathurin Regnier

Control your destiny or somebody else will.
– Jack Welch

Fate is not an eagle, it creeps like a rat.
– Elizabeth Bowen

Tempted fate will leave the loftiest star.
– Lord Byron

The wine is poured, you should drink it.
– Thomas Campbell