Dieting Quotes, Sayings about losing weight - Page 3

Sodium is an important mineral that is essential for proper functioning of the human body – however, the American diet contains dangerously high amounts of sodium, almost 80 percent of which comes from processed and restaurant foods.

– Joel Fuhrman

My wife is a very attractive woman, and she’s always worried about her diet. But she doesn’t pay attention to me, and I don’t pay attention to her. She’s a vegetarian, and it drives me crazy.

– Alan King

But I don’t do the diet thing anymore. I’m a big believer in feeding your body what it needs. Deny yourself something and you’re going to end up shoving your face full of it.

– Ashley Greene

I was member of the Diet as long as it existed, until May 1933.

– Fritz Sauckel

And I grew up on a steady diet of science fiction, especially apocalyptic and postapocalyptic fiction.

– Justin Cronin

Diet Coke is the only way I get through filming because I get so tired.

– Lily James

Throughout my life, I have tried to share my belief that getting and staying healthy doesn’t have to feel like work. My life is not about deprivation; I don’t diet or slave away in a gym. What I do is eat clean, nutritious, real food. I enjoy delicious meals with healthy fats, I eat until I am full and satisfied, and I remain thin.

– Suzanne Somers

I stopped dieting on plain, boring, unsatisfying food and started eating rich, delicious meals full of flavor and, yes… fat. I got skinny on fat and realized I would never have to diet again.

– Suzanne Somers

I’m gluten intolerant, so that automatically cuts carbs from my diet.

– Malin Akerman

I pay attention to my diet to be a healthier gymnast, but I’m not obsessive over it.

– Shawn Johnson

Sometimes I’ve had to put myself on a diet.

– Roger Moore

I’ve changed my diet a few times. Now I’m trying to eat more protein. I eat little meals throughout the day. I love food, so I still give myself great meals. Also, when I’m busy, it’s easy to lose weight.

– Michael Keaton

I follow a dairy-free and gluten-free diet, which can be challenging in some places.

– Brandon Boyd

The doctor asked what my diet was like and I had to sit down and realize it’s not normal, and hadn’t been normal for about 20 years.

– Carre Otis

I always ate healthy, but it wasn’t scientific. Now it’s a high-protein diet and no carbohydrates. I have more consistent energy, and I don’t get tired after a meal. It does take a very detailed meal plan.

– Lindsey Vonn

Breastfeeding is the very best diet I’ve been on.

– Rebecca Romijn

You can be the most beautiful person on Earth, and if you don’t have a fitness or diet routine, you won’t be beautiful.

– Martha Stewart

I think one of the saddest things that’s happening to literature is that it’s getting over-simplified by this diet of simple political ideas.

– Arundhati Roy

The best diet is the one that can be sustained over the long term, combined with other healthful lifestyle behaviors.

– Francis Collins

Polynesian women are known for their long hair, glowing skin, and thick nails. And that comes from the local diet, which is mostly plant based with a little bit of fish and a lot of natural fats and oils.

– Nikki Reed