Daydreaming Quotes

Television is simply automated daydreaming.
– Lee Loevinger

I had no real idea I was going to become a writer. It was just a game for me. I just liked pretending, daydreaming and imagining.
– Rabindranath Maharaj

Apart from two periods of intense study, of music between the ages of 12 and 14 and of mathematics between the ages of 14 and 16, I coasted, daydreaming, through most of my school years.
– James W. Black

Sometimes the worst thing that can happen is, ‘Oh, I’m on stage playing a song,’ because you’re daydreaming about something else, you’re on autopilot. You have to fight that.
– Trent Reznor

When you’re drawing comics, you get very involved in how the story is going to develop and you spend more time daydreaming on that particular subject.
– Sergio Aragones

I feel I was always daydreaming, and I was always distracted.
– Kathryn Lasky

When I’m writing my blog, I think of myself at 13 years old, back in St. Louis, daydreaming about Hollywood.
– Jenna Fischer

Children are trained to think linearly instead of imaginatively; they are taught to read slowly and carefully, and are discouraged from daydreaming. They are trained to reduce the use and capacity of their brain.
– Tony Buzan

Travel is impossible, but daydreaming about travel is easy.
– B. J. Novak

I was always daydreaming about singing in big productions on Broadway.
– Kate Smith

I’m very good at daydreaming. Ask any of my schoolteachers.
– Bruce Dickinson

You can make a board for all the goals you want in your life with the pictures on it, and that’s great, daydreaming is wonderful, but you can never plan your future.
– Taylor Swift

You can spend your time daydreaming or make use of it in other ways.
– Erik Qualman

A lot of my research time is spent daydreaming – telling an imaginary admiring audience of laymen how to understand some difficult scientific idea.
– Leonard Susskind

I try to live instinctively. And I guess I’ve always enjoyed living in a fantasy world, daydreaming.
– James Duval

I don’t remember my dreams too much. I hardly have ever gotten ideas from nighttime dreams. But I love daydreaming and dream logic and the way dreams go.
– David Lynch

In my youth, daydreaming nurtured me, provided a safe haven. I’d sleep for twelve hours and even when awake escape to the safe place in my mind.
– Sandra Cisneros

Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose.
– Bo Bennett

I’m often daydreaming, and it’s because I’ve always liked the idea of there being something more than the normal world.
– Samantha Shannon

I’m not much of a math and science guy. I spent most of my time in school daydreaming and managed to turn it into a living.
– George Lucas