Crush Quotes

Creating nickname for your crush, that only you and your friends know.

The awkward moment when you’re smiling at your phone and your parents ask who you’re talking to.

I instantly smile when I see a text from you, I don’t care what’s in it. It’s amazing to know I crossed your mind even just for a second.

I keep trying to hide how much I love you, but just being your friend isn’t enough.

When I’m alone, I think of so many things to say to you, but when I have a chance to tell you, I go speechless.

I die a little inside every time you use the word ‘Friend’ to describe me…

That devastating moment when he tells you about the girl he likes…that’s not you.

That devastating moment when he tells you about the girl he likes…that’s not you.

If fear didn’t exist, I’d run up to you, kiss you and tell you that I love you.

We all had a crush, who we thought was absolutely gorgeous at the time, but afterwards…we were all like, ‘Ewww, how did I like him?’

When a girl is really feeling you, she goes back and reads the whole conversation again when it’s over.

Sometimes, I just wanna tell you everything; how I feel about you, how much you mean to me, how much I care about you and how much I love you.

I’ve got a Crush on you.

You don’t know what you mean to me, you don’t have a clue. You can’t tell by looking at me, what I feel for you.

One look, one word, one kiss; they all mean so much from one special person.

I’m having a really hard time getting over you. The worst part is, I never even dated you.

Get out of my head and fall into my arms instead.

Sometimes the people you think don’t want to talk to you, are the ones waiting for you to talk to them.

Holding on to the small chance and hope that he may feel the same way…

Based on psycho logic study, a crush only lasts for a maximum of 4 months. If it exceeds, you are already in love.