Cows Quotes

I grew up in a town of 5,000, surrounded by cows and oil fields, but there was a lot of opportunity in my tiny little town.
– Michael Lomenda

I’m a regular dude from Kansas who grew up with pigs and cows.
– Eric Stonestreet

Cows, after leaving the low lands near the coast, are found to be plentiful everywhere, and to produce milk in small quantities, from which butter is made.
– John Hanning Speke

You can do gross-out until the cows come home but if there isn’t something to balance it, then it’s not going to work at all.
– Curtis Armstrong

My dad’s idea of punishment was to dress me up in all green to disguise me as grass, and then throw me in the pasture. Cows bit me all over.
– Bryan Callen

Lebanon can choose to be either a partner in ridding the scourge of terrorism or another obstacle that cows to the most radical elements of society.
– Vito Fossella

Triceratops is very common: they are the cows of the Cretaceous; they are everywhere.
– Jack Horner

I was Popeye mad when I was a kid, and I’d eat spinach until the cows came home.
– Paul O’Grady

I can do the PR thing until the cows come home. That’s my nature. I never want to upset anybody.
– Cilla Black

I can drink tea until the cows come home and I love the atmosphere in tea-shops.
– Zola Budd

We spend more on cows than the poor.
– Gordon Brown

My grandmother raised me. She was a real no-nonsense but very funny lady. I drove tractors, made hay, milked cows, fed the chicken, fed the pigs.
– Carol Bartz

I have three cows, and I’m looking forward to more in the future, so I’ll have a little herd.
– Lindsey Vonn

Many cows are fed a high-protein diet, which creates a more liquid manure that is easier to spray on fields.
– Charles Duhigg

If I have to, I’ll go and direct theater and talk till the cows come home.
– Ridley Scott

Sacred cows make very poor gladiators.
– Nikki Giovanni

Cows are gentle, interesting animals.
– Ingrid Newkirk

She always says, my lord, that facts are like cows. If you look them in the face hard enough they generally run away.
– Dorothy L. Sayers

A girl’s got to do what she’s got to do to make somebody pay her a compliment. If that means moaning ’til the cows come home, then so be it.
– Cat Deeley

It is unthinkable to have a British countryside that doesn’t have actual functioning farmers riding tractors, cows in fields, things like that.
– Bill Bryson