Christmas Quotes, Sayings for Christmas - Page 3

My fondest memories are generally the day after Thanksgiving. I get the total decorating Christmas itch.
– Katharine McPhee

There’s never really been a real hood Christmas movie.
– Ice Cube

I wanted an electric train for Christmas but I got the saxophone instead.
– Clarence Clemons

We should declare war on North Vietnam. We could pave the whole country and put parking strips on it, and still be home by Christmas.
– Ronald Reagan

I have a musical called Goodbye and Good Luck, based on a Grace Paley short story. I also have King Island Christmas, and there are 20 different productions of it this year.
– David Friedman

I stone got crazy when I saw somebody run down them strings with a bottleneck. My eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and I said that I had to learn.
– Muddy Waters

At Christmas, it’s my siblings running around the house, we’re cooking, talking, laughing, loud and just crazy. It’s beautiful chaos.
– Tika Sumpter

Having a birthday cake squashed into your face by young kids? Delicious. I always don a Santa suit at Christmas. Remaining childish is a tremendous state of innocence.
– John Lydon

If you want me to sing this Christmas song with the feeling and the meaning, you better see if you can locate that check.
– Mahalia Jackson

Don’t send funny greeting cards on birthdays or at Christmas. Save them for funerals, when their cheery effect is needed.
– P. J. O’Rourke

I like to spend Christmas with family and friends, pigging out, exchanging gifts and basically doing nothing.
– George Kotsiopoulos

Christmas lights may be the loneliest thing for me, especially if you mix them up with reindeers and sleighs. I feel alone. I feel isolated. I feel I do not belong.
– Mira Nair

Christmas cookies can’t help but be retro – they are memory first, sugar-flour-egg-redhot-gumdrop-sparkle reality second.
– Dana Goodyear

On the whole, I prefer Christmas as an adult than I did as a child.
– Nigella Lawson

I’ve always loved Christmas and that’s not really gone away from me from being a child to now. It’s always a magical time and I’m unashamed in my love for Christmas.
– Martin Freeman

My favorite traditional Christmas movie that I like to watch is All Quiet on the Western Front. It’s just not December without that movie in my house.
– Tom Hanks

Christmas carols always brought tears to my eyes. I also cry at weddings. I should have cried at a couple of my own.
– Ethel Merman

Now I’m an old Christmas tree, the roots of which have died. They just come along and while the little needles fall off me replace them with medallions.
– Orson Welles

Christmas is a holiday that persecutes the lonely, the frayed, and the rejected.
– Jimmy Cannon

For many, Christmas is also a time for coming together. But for others, service will come first.
– Queen Elizabeth II