Cheerleading Quotes

“Gold medals aren’t really made out of gold, they are made out of hard work, sweat, determination, and a hard to find alloy called GUTS!”
– Destiny

“Together we stand, together we fall. All for one and one for all!”
– Mariabella

“I don’t just pick up girls, I make them fly!”
– Ruben

“Come to a practice! There’s tears, bruises, fears, furious coaches, learning, being awesome! And we still go out there because we love it!”
– Penny

“Never be influenced by other people, be an individual. Learn the rules – Then break some!”
– Erin

“I am an athlete, yes I am. I am a cheerleader to the end. Spirit and spunk, poms and smiles. Pumping up crowds for miles and miles.”
– Jenilee

“a cheerleader isn’t the prettiest girl or the most popular girl. She is a girl who loves to cheer and does it with her whole mind, heart, and soul.”
– Ali

“Live or die we always fly high!”
– Alana

“There are two kinds of people. Cheerleaders and the one’s who wish they were.”
– Rachael

“This is to all of the cheerleaders out there: show spirit for your school and never give up in cheerleading.”
– Kailey

“Any Man can hold a girls hand, but only the Elite can hold their feet!”
– Ed

“You can do whatever you want, if you try!”
– Jackie

“Cheerleading is a team sport everyone has to work hard to get 1st place. People say it ain’t a sport but we work just as hard as any other sport. Cheerleaders are the best!”
– Blondie

“Cheerleading allows you to be yourself!”
– Stalk

“Do it, do it well and have fun!”
– Amanda

“I got spirit! Yes, I do!..I got spirit, how bout you?!”
– Ghetto Super Star

“Cheerleading is life! – Cheer loud and Proud!”
– Natasha

“Cheerleading is everything to me. If there was no Cheerleading there would be no me. I live to cheer its what I do!!”
– Linde

“Attitude is a little something that makes a BIG difference!”
– Kevin

“There are two people in this world, Cheerleaders and those who want to be…. We try our best and that’s all that counts. Girls We can do it!”
– Ivelyse