Atheism Quotes

“Indeed, it’s futile to try and use Holy Scripture to support any political position. I deeply distrust anyone who does. Just look at what an Islamic Republic is like.”

– Christopher Hitchens

“Nothing exists but you. And you are but a thought.”

– Mark Twain

“Doubt is a question mark; faith is an exclamation point. The most compelling, believable, realistic stories have included them both.”

– Criss Jami

“If atheism solved all human woe, then the Soviet Union would have been an empire of joy and dancing bunnies, instead of the land of corpses.”

– John C. Wright

“I studied every page of this book, and I didn’t find enough love to fill a salt shaker. God is not love in the Bible; God is vengeance, from Alpha to Omega.”

– Ruth Hurmence Green

“My atheism, like that of Spinoza, is true piety towards the universe and denies only gods fashioned by men in their own image, to be servants of their human interests.”

– George Santayana

“To judge from the notions expounded by theologians, one must conclude that God created most men simply with a view to crowding hell.”

– Marquis de Sade

“I have too much respect for the idea of God to make it responsible for such an absurd world.”

– Georges Duhamel

“I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.”

– Stephen Roberts

“Theology is ignorance with wings.”

– Sam Harris

“I want to put on the table, not why 85% of the members of the National Academy of Sciences reject God, I want to know why 15% of the National Academy don’t.”

– Neil deGrasse Tyson

“How dismal it is to see present day Americans yearning for the very orthodoxy that their country was founded to escape.”

– Christopher Hitchens

“Everything about Christianity is contained in the pathetic image of ‘the flock.”

– Christopher Hitchens

“I could not believe in a God that would challenge faith like this.”

– Jonathan Safran Foer

To hate man and worship God seems to be the sum of all the creeds.”

– Robert G. Ingersoll

“Your heart’s desire is to be told some mystery. The mystery is that there is no mystery.”

– Cormac McCarthy

“Chance favors the prepared mind.”

– Louis Pasteur

“A preoccupation with the next world clearly shows an inability to cope credibly with this one.”

– Richard K. Morgan

“If I had to choose a religion, the sun as the universal giver of life would be my god.”

– Napoléon Bonaparte

“The whole image is that eternal suffering awaits anyone who questions God’s infinite love. That’s the message we’re brought up with, isn’t it? Believe or die! Thank you, forgiving Lord, for all those options.”

– Bill Hicks