Art Quotes, Sayings about artistic work - Page 13

All art is an attempt to manifest the face of God in life.
– Cecil Collins

The first mistake of Art is to assume that it’s serious.
– Lester Bangs

Art is an experience, not the formulation of a problem.
– Lindsay Anderson

Art is our chief means of breaking bread with the dead.
– W. H. Auden

I’ve never believed in God, but I believe in Picasso.
– Diego Rivera

There hasn’t been any art yet. Art is just beginning.
– Constantin Brancusi

Art is an international language, understood by all.
– Igor Babailov

Art is an end in itself; its values are intrinsic.
– Daniel Bell

If all the world were clear, art would not exist.
– Albert Camus

Art is born in attention. Its midwife is detail.
– Julia Cameron

The history of art is the history of revivals.
– Samuel Butler

Reason is powerless in the expression of Love.
– Rumi

Art is Nature speeded up and God slowed down.
– Chazal

Art is meant to disturb, science reassures.
– Georges Braque

Art is an intersection of many human needs.
– Carl Andre

Art is manipulation without intervention.
– Louise Bourgeois

Never judge a work of art by its defects.
– Washington Allston

Art is a harmony parallel with nature.
– Paul Cezanne

Art is not a pastime but a priesthood.
– Jean Cocteau

Art, n. This word has no definition.
– Ambrose Bierce