Genalin Sarcepuedes

Joy is not in is in us!

Health is keep yourself well and fit.

Passion is a strong emotional desire of love and hate to humans or objects.

Sadness is the result of unhappy thoughts.

Keep makes people wonder what you are up to.

For every minute of anger, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.

A good nurse has a tender,loving,care qualities.

If the doctors are the life saver, then the nurses are the life’s keeper.

Nurses provides:
S-service to
S-sick individuals.

A person of integrity is a person with loyalty.

People will forget what you said,they will forget what you did,but they will never forget how much you made them feel.

Opportunity knocks once,so grab it before the offer expires.

A man that lives in alcohol, will die from alcohol too.

The children are the hope of the future.

Life is a matter of living and surviving.

Failures and problems are not the things to be scared of, they can lead to breakthroughs and great discoveries.

No one in this world can dictate you where you can be HAPPY, but only yourself because true happiness comes from within and not from anyone else.

Life isn’t about finding is about creating yourself.

Money is the main root to all evilly deeds.

A woman of real beauty smiles in trouble, gathers strength from reflection and prayer.