The November Rain

The sky is red so is the little girl’s cheeks
She’s wearing the first sweater in the season
Rubbing her palms, she is feeling cold
Looking up it seems the rains will fall

The streets are lonely and it’s getting dark
Moon light’s blur and clouds moving fast
The autumn leaves are falling
Sweeping cross the road

It just started raining
With the tiny drops
Falling up on those leaves
Making ‘em stay up for more

I could see the drops falling in the lamp post
My hands went in my pockets
Of the long coat
It was the last gift I had before things went off

I could fell something’s there, I could scratch it out
It’s an old piece of paper, which was unread
I wonder when did she slip this in and I couldn’t see
And it read
For this winter and ever, I wish u could have loved me.

Category: Winter Poems

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