Wedding Vow

A clear cloudless day,
May’s midday sun beating down
Lovers’ hearts take flight

Headed with the love’s crown

Two sweet turtle doves,
making vows in front of God
Forever as one

In the feet of the Lord

“So from today in all Pujas, when together, I will take your last name.
Because I know we both want to feel the same.”

So here it is my wedding vow to you
We both will love and respect them.
Now bind me with security and your sweet kiss,
To feel you as my husband.

Now I am with
the love of you life.
This is no myth.
Now I am your wife.

Please fill my life with joy
And keep me on your feet
Sanctify my soul
and make my life complete.

How blessed was the day
that you became my man
and without a second thought
For you, I shall do all whatever I can.

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