Invitation for Marriage

I invite all the stars and the moon to our marriage
Who know there is always light after darkness
To bless us with the same hope as they do
We keep moving together irrespective of darkness and lightness

I invite all the trees and mountains to our marriage
Who knows when roots are strong, even cyclone can’t move them a bit
To bless us with the same strength as they do
We remain connected at center even when mind argue on silly things

I invite all the enlighten masters to our marriage
Who knows everybody is alone in the world
To show us light in our journey
We support each other without taking away freedom

I invite whole existence to our marriage
Who knows only the language of pure love and silence
To bless us with the same love and silence
We protect each other’s silence in pure love

Our marriage will be registered before the court of our hearts
To be together or be separate will be decided from there

Submitted by Madhu Veena.

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