We Often Justify

To whoever is whithin earshot
With different vibrations
That you’re not giving
According to what others
Have been expect you to be
Time when you feel more twinges
Or pricking of conscience altogether
Time when you feel
That there are so much need
For any form of giving
More that what you actually have
For the substandard
Of what others expect you to be
Then you see yoursel against
Who you are
There are times
When you question
Whether you have been too stupid
Or just plain cowardy
There are questions
That flit through your minds
But maybe it has nothing to do
With frustration after all
Perhaps you have to reach
The point to be able to choose
Is by it self
A symbol of free-will
Which lends dignity to human
State but also know that
Life doesn’t always give us
The freedom to choose.

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jemmy says:

nice poem

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