February 14

Its morning and I’m awake before you, watching you sleep. Covers barley drawn.

The beauty of your nakedness that peeps from under the cover had my eyes journeyed beyond galaxies of a night well spent.

Replaying the thrill of touches, the ecstasy of frost whispers in my ears, As petals of red rose and white covers stand as brides mate and grooms to our love ceremony.

Chocolates was our ring of choice, feeding each other lips to lips. And the wine that drink from our navel said exotic vows.

The wetness of your tongue in memory that dance on my neck leave me shivered, I still could feel your presence like you never stopped.

I journeyed and journeyed, blooming smiles, as your screams of passionate feeling was my favorite song. You were singing to me with fingernail scratches.

My memory goes deeper and deeper, lost in the symphony sounds of our love making. The tear of joy from your eyes fall like shooting star.

Sounds of you calling my name came in repeat, echoing louder and louder. Suddenly the touch of your awaken and calling had me awake to my consciousness.

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