Fantasy Of Love

A tempest is brewing.
Emotions shake wildly.
A fearful hum disturbs.
As whistle blows shrill.

Wild waves swirl on body,
embracing warmth of love.
Wind hugs, uproots calmness.
Love lone turns ecstatic.

Dark clouds crowd around eyes.
Stars depart behind retina.
Starlit sky wound as funnel,
pouring down heavily on earth.

Body emits smell of fresh earth.
Monsoon rain tickles on.
Your wet oily hair intoxicates,
as I merge in your hot breathe.

Every cell percolates thirst.
A subtle dream takes shape.
Embryo of hope forms in womb of time.
Seasons settle down in your eyes.

Through falls, spring n’ winter,
you reach summer of forty-two.
When fresh rains cool air,
Your blue eyes meet fantasy.

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