The Gift Itself!

There were times
When even the most sincere
Thank you fall short.
This is one such instance.
For all that I am to others.
Many things to many people.
To those who made
A special mark of my life.
Now is the time when gratitude
Need to be expressed.
To those who honoured my presence.
And keep me company.
And to those who regaled me
With heart warming tales
And endearing friendship with me.
To those who always wish me the best.
Takecare and all that.
Those who called and messages me
every now and then.
To those who said what I am not.
To those who come and go.
And…most of all
To those who were here lending a hand.
And more during my moment
of greatest need.
Know that I am deeply touched.
And that while mere words
cannot express how I feel.
About all that you have done for me.
I am truly greatful and humbled.
By you’re thoughts.words and deed.
You’ve been amazing
Thank you-or simply being you…

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