Oh Teacher

You are my candle,
My way is lit.
You are my mother,
I am bound to be fit.
You are my love,
A true outgoing selfless one.
You are my patience,
To complete a task begun.
You are my way,
To tread cautiously on life’s way.
You are my strength,
No storms will make me sway.
You are my teacher,
Help me solve life’s mystery.

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9 Responses on “Oh Teacher”

neelima says:


Tarundeep says:

the best poem at the page….

krishna rao says:

simple and good

S.Vijayalaksmi says:

Wov, what a touching lines and freezing memories! Done a great job for the teachers.

Vishal wagh says:

Very nice poem. It will be “AWOSME”.

Deepak says:

Great thinking for our teachers

vanshini says:

i like this poem

farzana says:


Abhiman Mishra says:

Thank you all for your complements

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