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I Quit

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You said you don’t love me
Than what was that when u mostly say me “” I Love You “”
Who am I…?
Where am I …?
No ones knows…!!!
Why I made my life in this way…?
If you don’t love me than how come you dream about me …?
If you don’t want me to be your partner than how come I am your “Tani Partner” …?
If you don’t accept in front of others that u love me
Than how come you said u love me …?
If you don’t care about me than how come you are worried abt my life…?
If you don’t love me than what all that was ???
If you don’t love me than how come u said me to express my heart feelings to you
If all this means just to end up ,than,why you so eager to know what I feel towards you
Is all that was just a GAME .,.???
Is all that coz I love you even after knowing all truth about you
Why it happens that people start giving excuses,
why arnt u knw before coming into someone’s life
Why arnt u know ur responsibilties before making someone to love u madly
Why arnt any one knows it hurts like hell
Why arnt u know if still I love you , it s not a game
Stop Playing with my heart,my feelings
I alwaz want you to be happy
Better again for your happiness I QUIT
Yes , I QUIT from everythng
But I cant quit from loving you
I quit I never show you my love
I am dead for you
One day u may cry for me
One day u may realized u punished me more than that I deserve
when I am already dying every minute
when I am already living with guilt
You will miss me
But now I quit
End of my Love
No more Love
Even I know Love is not meant for me .,.
I Love You .,.

Your’s (I hope)
Last Time (May Be)

Tani Partner

Submitted by Tani Partner.

Category Sad Poems


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Hah … How much it Hurts
when we came to know that
The person to whom we love ..
Dont love us …
Person to whom we love
Also loves you but not accept that ..
Why love hurts no one knows..
Why the person to whom we love ..
We dont get love from him/her …
AND ….
we expect love from our love …
Dont know what exactly .,
Dont know what …..


These 3words left at last .,.!!!

Your’s (Hope So)
Tani Partner.,.

Submitted by Tani Partner.

Category Love Poems, Sad Poems

Just One Step

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** My Feelings are true
My Love for you is Pure
Deep from my heart
I am not a lier
Than why you dont TRUST ME
why do you think,that,
“”even i dont know either i love you or not””
how it could be possible.??
I am committed to you,
Why you still believe you are not good for me
You had true and transparent heart
If you do not had feelings towards me than why u share your past with me
You love me but you dont want me in your life
You love me but you dont accept this fact,
You love me but you dont want to come out of your Past
You say no girl will accept you with all this ,
I am accepting you
I want you to be in my Life as MY LIFE…
Than why you are so confused
Trust me , took one step with me ,
we will try to make our good future and present
Just one step ,
I am always with you
You are true ,
Your feelings are true
Don’t hide them ,
come and walk with me.,.
take , Just one step **

Your’s (Hope So)
Tani Partner.,.

Submitted by Tani Partner.

Category Love Poems, Valentine Poems


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Sometimes i think
I need to took permission from you
But love is that special feeling
which do not need any permission
Sometimes i think
I dont deserve to be in your life
But if i dont deserve than
But if you dont,than
why you said you Love me
Sometimes i feel i will loose you
But how could i loose you
If I dint get you in my life
Tears dropped out of my eyes while thinking of all this
But i realized even tears also dont want to be MINE sometimes .,.

Your’s (Hope So)
Tani Partner.,.

Submitted by Tani Partner.

Category Love Poems

Am I Too Bad….

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He asked me WHY.,.???
He asked me WHY,.,???
He said he will not come back
He said I am loving the wrong person
How do i make him to trust me,
I love u widout any conditions,
I Love you widout any reason
than why he mark question on my love
do i not had rights to love him
as i am too bad,
Sweeta, I want to be wid you,
i love you coz u r my life
He said u never disclose ur heart feelings earlier
But, what now, i disclose my heart feelings and he is no more wid me
I am in his life(may be),
but, not in his HEART
If this is the way what we get after loving some one
Than why he teach me what is love
If this the way you stand wid ur broken heart
than why he teach me to disclose all this
If I LOVE him , than why he is not with me
atlast i had only questions????
nothing else
Please come back
I love you
I miss you
Please don’t leave me
please please please .,.
I am waiting for you

Your’s (Hope So)
Tani Partner.,.

Submitted by Tani Partner.

Category Missing You Poems, Sad Poems

PLEASE come back

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The day i met you
i never think it make us a close friends.
You always make me feel very special.,.

One day you said dat “YOU love Me”,
dat was a special day for me ,
as i am waiting for this
I never showed you ‘I Love You Too”

Things went wrong from my side,
i tried to control but i can’t.
I was crying and crying like a child.
No one by my side to hug me and understands me
you are the one, who always do this.

I felt heart broken,
I tried to hold you , but i am failed,
I am Too LATE to express my feelings .,.

You left me forever in to peices ,
My SORRY no where for you…
i am waiting you may come back
hug me as you do,love me as you do ,,,

Ahhhh …. how do i get you back
Please come back
PLEASE come back

Submitted by Tan.

Category Sad Poems