Only Inside

They touch
It hurts
But only inside
She craves it
But don’t
She’ll run and hide
She wants it
She needs it too
But giving
Cuts her through
She closes her eyes
And imagines she knows
Those warm arms around her
The craving it grows
But when eyes are open
Those arms melt away
No one would listen
And no one would stay
She prays at night
For someone to love
She opens the window
And in flies a dove
It sits on her bedside
And looks in her eyes
A look that is knowing
A look that is wise
A feeling has started
There in her heart
A warmth of new love
A wonderful start
Someone is waiting
One without love
Who prays in the night
For a gentle white dove
It flies to her bedside
To nudge her awake
To bring her the message
To ease her heartache
Someone is waiting
She needs you so much
To teach her to feel
The love in your touch
She hopes that it’s someone
To help her to heal
To help her to live
To make it all real
Just wait and be patient
The time must be right
No tears in the darkness
No fear in the night
She sees her
They meet
The white dove is here
A stirring
No hurt and no fear
Her arms
Around her
At last open wide
They touch
They feel
But only inside


We were put on this planet
To live and to love
To cherish the ones in our lives
And never let them get hurt…
Safety is a priority
But danger is an outcome
Why is it, that we work so very hard?
For something that will still happen in the end..
Should we care about our lives,
Or sit and waste it away
“It doesn’t matter, were all going to die someday!”
These words fill our heads
With sad confusion
There ‘s no end
We get lost with the love
We want to have
There is no conclusion to all
This pain
But an answer that comes
Just the same
The negative side seems to win,
But the positive side seems to w
Love everyday like there is no
And give to others the joy of life
So no one will hurt
Love,And love will love u back
Open your arms to life
And life will hug you back!
Don’t be scared!
Life is still a one time thing!