Love, a word or world in itself,
Is it gods grace or curse itself.

Love makes you blind, its true,
Only some had made it, its few,
Its true, you look world with loves eyes
You forget things once, twice or thrice.

Things go worst when you are student,
You say things you didn’t meant,
Around the love your world moves,
You forget Newtons law, you have reasons to choose.

Hours go waiting to say her hi!!
And so sweetly, caringly she says bye bye!!
You’re happy now, she made your day,
You are speechless, happy ‘n’ nothing to say.

Its exam-time dates are near,
Its study time failing is fear,
Open your notes, you see her face,
You try to concentrate n loose your pace.

Results are in n you are out,
Plane of love crashes as parents shout.
Suddenly mind comes to place,
As you get a slap on your face.

Love is divine, it isn’t a crime.
But studying is the goal which is prime…..

Lazy Day!!

It’s a lazy day, cause its hazy may,
Wake up at ten, saw a busy men,
It’s hush and bush all around,
But nothing interesting that I found.

I wanted something nice, something new,
But I ended up saying eeew,
Brought newspaper, was getting bored,
I still grumped yawned and roared.

I liked the breakfast a lot,
But that very moment was too short,
I switched on T.V., watched cartoon in the beginning,
And had no clue, when it was evening.

I took shower and some tea,
But still my mind buzzed like a bea,
I wanted fresh air and wanted my friends,
But it all ends as my mind bends.

It was 9:30 in clock was my dinner time,
Having a go on food isn’t a crime,
I had brisk walk though I didn’t wanted,
But it was my brother that got me haunted.

I was feeling sleepy, I was on my bed,
And it didn’t took any time to be like dead,
Am I lazy or its the summer day?
You decide till I lay……..