Sebastian S Wood


If I had a chance to speak with you
If we had one more day
I’d tell you all the things I didn’t
All the things I failed to say

Though your kids are cute, and smart
I’d wish they gave you more respect
And if someone would be step-father
I’d hope that’d be something he’d expect

I loved to make you happy
Though I didn’t pay enough attention
Between mine and yours and what I want
“We” were at the least an “Honorable Mention”

I should have stood my ground.
I knew exactly what I was doing
The way we ended up, I messed up
But you were left blamed for the screwing

And when you got upset
When you had nothing to say
I admit I lost……. some of what I felt
But I tried still everyday.

things got hard, things did change
And I thought that “we” just hit a “blues”
So I held tight, because I sought the light
“Choose the one you love, love the one you choose”

But when you called to ask if we were over
To know if I was still there
We were on the same page, That never changed,
And being outnumbered gave you a scare

I think there was some fear
For you knew not what I am
I’m broken, lost, torn, and afraid
Weak, and outwardly a scam

For we began with an idea
Religious, an eternal progression
But when it came time, I showed that i’m
A man, Natural, and in transgression

I don’t know how it would have been different
I loved you and I still do
Like the same we are
We really are, And I really liked you too.