Satheesan Rangorath - Page 3

My Wish

Just watching you,
enthralls me for ever.
Just by one look, you,
charge my spirit full.

Entire world reflects,
behind retina of time.
I try deciphering images,
but none lasts long in vision.

All I have seen was unreal,
except your pure smile.
I delve deep into your dream,
rolling a role; you designed.

Awe struck I observe you,
close to my heart.
There I see you so pure,
filling my soul full.

Gods and demigods encircle,
chanting hymns of praise.
By a hidden smile on lips,
you breathe life to this world.

I do not have words, enough,
to describe your pure sweetness.
I pray to possess you as obsession,
Just to be filled by your grace!

When my eyes closes for ever,
that day I wish, stall your image,
in every cell of my body,
consecrating with my tears,
all the sounds I hear relate you…

Come to me in my silence.
Fill me with ambrosia of love.
Let me see a world fulfilled,
dancing in ecstatic enchantments.

Kamala Surayya

Celebrating all through her life,
she vanished behind curtain of time,
leaving a legacy of her beauty.
She was born in an angel’s dream,
glittering her womanhood with pride.

Between love and beauty she cloaked,
Clanging her sweet words of compassion,
wrote her verses with deep passion.
Her stories streamed from her soul,
signaling her thirst for unquenchable love.

Simple innocent words from her mouth,
captivated attention of world of letters.
She kept a casket of pearl close to her heart,
often wearing it all over her body.
spilling graceful droplets of thought all around.

Becoming a bride of her lover lord Krishna,
she kept a diary full of his colourful images,
sketched world with a peacock feather.
Transcended even her idol beyond concepts,
turning herself into Adwaita* on her on way.

Escaping herself into freedom by innocence,
spoke words of truth from her heart.
Resting under pomegranate tree of her home,
she wove silky sketches of love and nature,
blooming as a flower on her favorite tree.

• Hindu philosophy is based on principles of Adwaita
• Which says one with god, there is only one truth
• That you are.

I don’t know I have done justice to the great poetess by my poem,
If not I apologize for my lack of imagination.

A Word That Struck me

My pen stumbled on a hard word,
breaking down tip of its nib.
Scratched; it stretched for ink flow.
Nothing came out except its dry cry.

Torn paper looked at my broken teeth.
My curse fell in loud on blank face.
Parted iridium chocked, gasp for breath.
That swine of a word still bled many.

Both legs hung up in the air in traction.
Back buckled and belted I lie flat on earth.
While mind retreated to a sedative sleep,
my plaster cast was singed and scribbled.

Many wrote poems on my legs in humor.
At last I found my word of sarcasm.
Its just snarls at me from filths of my mind,
here I drop my pen in exasperation!

A Kiss

Spray of mouth freshener.
Spray of Musk and Poison.
Ear lobes garnished with scents.
Here comes passion n’ love.

Holding hands of warmth,
merging in sultry waves
Feels of subtle sweet odor,
heart beats rhythmic fast.

In an ecstatic moment,
Senses fizzle out unaware.
Music of love whistles a tune.
sinking world under tongues.

Hands fondle silky skin,
Sensation seeps into heaven
Flood of emotions swash
embracing new found lands.

ruffled hair shares a story
lipstick mark afloat on sleeves
lip glow dissolves in cigarette stinks,
followed by a blank stare! is kiss.

Thank You Mother

From depth of my sleep,
I hear your chant of love.
Dawn walked into my dream,
drizzling splendor of charm.

I glide over a rainbow,
filling my senses in color.
Dropping my sheaths one by one,
I fade away behind azure sky.

Behind veils of mystery,
someone shakes tree of stars.
I fall on your lap as hail,
melting my false images.

Let me weep my pain out,
as you fondle my heart.
Feeling warmth of your love,
I dream a dream around you.

I know not to thank you,
as my heart beats started by you.
Blood that fills my brain cells,
feels your graceful presence in me.

Listening to lullabies you sing,
I fade away into folds of sleep.
Smile on my lips while asleep,
Is thanking your warm love mom.

Crippled Thoughts

Four walls are rising up daily, shading.
Day stretches longer and longer.
An insignificant life humbles down.
Gasping, craving heaving for fresh air.

Foul smelling old age hangs on,
Exposing skeleton and sinews ghastly.
Leaning on helplessness, life crumbles,
stumbles on anguish and frustrations.

Lips move uncontrollably in quick segments.
Teeth less mouth slips down; dripping saliva.
By habit hand reaches for the buzzer.
No attendant turns up, awaiting for orders.

Feeble hands of sun fondles sometimes
Moon and starlit sky often peeps into day dreams
Moonlight dinner served to a tiny tot-
gets cold in the deep freezer of memory.

World runs faster than ever before,
Everyone gets struck in a time machine.
Pleasantries and fineries are forgotten.
Nobody cares to care no one

With a limping body and broken ego,
Many lives stay stagnant on mattresses
Blaring sound of music attacks siesta
Grand children having the whale of a time

Suddenly some one carries you on stretcher
Runs through the hospital corridor to the x-ray
Sky above reels round the retina
Entire cosmos bows downs in colour patches.

Heart x-ray picture shows a lot of greenery.
A lot of favorite things like blue satin ribbons!
Fantasies of life, flora and fauna, butterflies,
Song of birds, roar of animals, chimes of bell.

Aroma of life takes smell of surgical spirit.
Pills and medicines make a beeline to throat.
Food delicacies have disappeared from the menu.
In the sour of elixirs life breathes on.

Sounds Create Silence

Incessant hum fills air infinitely.
Not a single second unsounded.
High tides of decibels engulf all.
Each moment drown in voices.

In chaos of blares and blasts,
feeble world shatters in pieces.
Honks of modernity burst senses.
Lives clatter; turn us, deaf n’ dumb.

Hammer drill pierce into tranquility.
Unpleasant vibes spill on every cell.
Migraine splits heads to tiny bits,
splinters of brain creeps allover.

Unaware a piece of mind settles,
meditating under moonlit sky.
Ego recedes to feet of helplessness.
Mind blogs chatter, pours heavily on.

Never a spare moment of silence,
filth of thoughts drizzles incessant.
In and out, boomerang continues,
beyond under currents lie calmness.

In raft of uncertainty, we row slowly.
Well curling in whirlpool, life rolls.
Suddenly hand of mercy pulls you down.
There you remain buried in her cool.

Absolute peace prevails suddenly.
Silence of knowledge once awaken,
dances to tune of cosmic rhythm.
Creations begin again by invocation.
AU M , AUM, AUM. Silence again


Hum of world continues.
Giant wheels grind to crack
Smoke and fumes, honks n’ hiss
Down pour, disfigure faces.

Sitting in a train to nowhere,
Imprisoned life moves fast.
Sceneries blurred run past.
Vague vision tries patch up.

Outside, rushes flow incessant.
Whirlpool of misery rolls down.
Entire world of dreams vanish,
as stations, run backward off view.

Day comes to halt in remote end.
Somewhere in horizon, sun hides.
Moon stretches hands down,
Splashing silvery grains on sand.

Waves of moonlit shades fall ahead,
white sand on both side gleams.
Snake of a footpath stretches far across,
reaching infinite lands beyond sight.

Rattle of train vibrate sleeping souls,
They rise from graves to dance.
leaving behind host of ghosts,
I pull down my berth for a swing sleep.

On bed of my dreams angels appear.
Each tied a star on their wand,
tickle my soul splashing a wish.
I found myself winged, floating.

Just Look Back Once In a While

Hands outstretched she walks ahead.
In marriage of convenience he follows.

Trailing behind are children of hers,
Uncared, unattended, unsung, unknown.

In brisk steps all are hurry catching up time.
Blind folded unmindful she treks fast.

Some where on path he takes detour,
chewing lady’s finger to taste of his palate..

Times change, seasons rotate in order,
life treads holding scoop of dripping ice cream cone

Son retires hurt sleeps in poppy field.
World reels falling round his eyeballs.

Daughter answers her ringing handset.
find stars fall off sky, her dreams too

World has changed, women on path to heights.
High on inflated ego balloon floats aimlessly.

Womb she wore her off springs fall off grace.
On look back she found her vanity lying low.

She tries to communicate suddenly,
But nothing works, call is in the queue.

Your Warm Smile

Last a-eon when visited this land,
You had left a sweet piece of your smile.
We were living in that lone brilliance
Cursing the day, we bade you goodbye.

In the deluge of swift darkness;
Swayed in the waves we swam helpless.
Many years have passed through your nostrils,
breathing entire universe in and out.

Floating on a leaf of marvel thoughts,
you were suckling your toe in excitement.
In the rising tidal waves you had anchored,
visualizing yet another magnificent magic show.

Every moment you had been celebrating,
Making your life a message for all.
Donning a cloak in different styles,
were you not enacting different roles?

A man with eyes of shrewdness,
you kept a tranquil trail where ever you go.
as a great master and teacher, taught us four tricks.
retreating into your yogic trance, witnessing.

You exterminated your enemies in a short span.
Then became a king, a well wisher, a friend,
a savior, a chieftain, a great diplomat, a thief,
a peace maker, a husband, a philosopher, and what not?

We wonder how many lives had you lived in one life?
Then discarding every possession in flash of a smile
sending your favorite devotee to Himalayas.
You entered into meditation; your pastime.

One day when you decided to call it a day.
Were you not waiting as bait for the hunter?
Shaking your slightly raised up pink feet ,
vulnerable as a sparrow to an arrow .

The scene of drama was written earlier.
You were smiling through it mischievously
Concluding your mission abruptly
You made your plans for departure in style.

With you on board the golden chariot left,
Casting us in the infinite shadow of anguish
We could never recover from our sorrow,
as your warm smile faded behind time.

The island you were ruling submerged-
In the heart of your magnanimity.
Subjects ran hither thither in frustration.
realizing our helplessness as we resigned.

One day when tidal waves arrived,
We found you crouching on the shore.
Helping a crab to move further into wet sands,
sharing his woes of existence as your pain.

Time floated you safely ashore again
softly depositing you in the hands nature.
You had planned your abode.
Placing your unblemished image ashore

The windy planes of the valley stopped breath
flowed into your bosom through your breath.
Your idol was consecrated by the sages,
vesting you on the pedestal of devotion.

Many of your divine children arrived’
Through the channels of your flute.
They had raised from the battle fields,
where you had given your wishful thoughts.

Your bluish green image manifested
All through the sky of infinite vastness
You were dressed in silky smooth thoughts
In shades of yellow and green

Retaining all your untainted adornments,
We decorated you in elegance of imagine.
exactly as we had seen you everywhere,
guiding us through various battle fields.

You always had touched our hearts with
Soft streaks of peacock feather,
Shading our eyes with mist of myths,
Skimming and Stealing butter from our heart.
pushing us into the ecstasy of your love.

Many of your disciples arrived in search of you.
Silently chatting with you in obeisance
You were remembered in thousand names,
re-incarnating your graceful qualities in our thoughts.

Many born here as your children,
From the purity of love filled devotion.
They played in your courtyard along with you
Riminiscenting those plays on the banks of Yamuna.

With an unfading smile you created a faith
A strong sense of belonging to every one
That inspiration created grand poetic wonders
In simple words of aesthetic verses.

Many stories of love and devotions enacted
Centering round your mischievous smile
Every dramatic scene you had created were a lesson
You had taught us as a master of creativity.

You created poets out of the junks of human nature
Vicious lust filled lives were re written in sweet verses
Senses of mysticism created in scholarly epics
Wise men had their intellect sharpened

To have them heard in their expressive words
You made fine tunes out of them as your flute
Many vices filled souls were emptied and filled-
With pure devotion and love for your escort

One of them created a garland of mystic pearls,
Another wrote a master piece of verses as a cure,
Every word he wrote had your smile engraved,
waking him up from the graves of his fallacy.

You never came into my dream with a message.
However, I know, you are waking me up always.
Into the truth of your eternal silent smile,
I wish if I could wake you up in the petals of my heart.

Let me dance in intoxication as dew drops dance,
In the petals of your heart of all hearts,
I fall unto thy feet in obeisance, crying in prayers
For possessing you in my heart, not letting you go anywhere.