Satheesan Rangorath - Page 2

My Butterflies

Up rooted tree of life,
suspended spreads wider
In my heart of hearts,
grows a lively branch,
a branch full of silky buds.

Intricate creation pulsates.
I see you all; as cute butterflies,
in best of divine designs,
blooms in exotic patterns,
shading pink in my heart.

Every hiss of breathe I listen.
Every tiny foot fall tickles my belly.
Every thought passes through,
making me aware n’ awake in you.
Fomenting pains let me hug life.

Colours fade n’ hues dry.
Feeble listless wings fall.
But you have come to me,
craving for eternal happiness.
Break open shell of hibernation.
Let me lead you to ecstasy,
under warmth of my wings.

Do You Hear

Her voice as sweet as chime,
falls in ears as divine chants.
Every syllable turns crystal beads,
flowing into rhythmic cadence.

Nature dances in intoxication.
Eyes wide open in ecstasy.
Foot falls in rhythmic beat,
merges in the flow of fidelity.

Cosmic dance continues,
planting steps of elegance.
Head of time rolls on floors,
gushing blood of infinity.

Music of creation rises up.
sustaining elaborate notes of life.
As abrupt note falters rhythm,
sweat n’ tears form patches of blot.

Universe reels under her feet,
shivering in tramp of might.
Entire cosmic dream vanishes,
into her womb as seed of time.

Fresh sprouts flourish again,
on the fields of divine elements.
Galaxies bloom spilling life forms.
Some were a nightingale sings

Lotus Dreams

Lotus eyes open slowly,
by first touch of sun rays.
Spreading mild fragrance,
unfolds her exotic beauty.

By half closed eyes she looks.
beyond sun, moon n’ stars.
Raising her head off the pond,
she blooms into day dreams.

Her oily hair floats around,
smearing films of rainbow.
Bubbles gurgle up from depth,
as she shifts her legs swiftly.

A flint of a meditative smile,
her breathe breezes in rhythm.
Creating small circular waves,
touches every soul on earth.

Day progresses to giant shadows.
monster shades tramp on earth.
Serenity of life gets disturbed.
Dreams dry away from sleepy eyes

A loud honk n’ howls of a Jumbo.
Disturbed water fowls run scary.
Some where an iphone rings shrill.
Day begins in city with a tough tone.

Mystical Cliffs

Slowly world vanishes.
Eyes retire, pulling drapes.
Dream comes to an end,
by depositing sediments..

Slowly senses submerge.
while steam of thoughts stream.
Mind rattles in despair,
as time wraps tight behind.

In distance a spec of a glow,
Develops into a beam, then,
A flood of glaring brilliance
Entire galaxy seeds in you

Air sucks slowly into lungs.
A creaking rib cage rattles.
A lion roars from destiny.
Where am I heading to?
Into a nightmare?

A sad smile hangs around,
Not off pain he suffered in crucifix,
but, by empathy for human pains.
He carries a cross into every heart,
as he fades behind mystical cliffs.

A Tribute To My Father

A fondle on chest, a soft chant of love,
a sound from heart, woke him up,.
Through shaded labyrinth of silting darkness,
he opened eyes pushing up eyelids hard.
Weakness pasted his vision with receding time.
Thick rheum sticks his eyelashes down.

Pain of regrets craves out his love for life,
one more chance in order to seek forgiveness.
Body diminishes to disintegration.
One by one cell retires into stillness.
Bones clatter and rest under his skin.
Long breathes and hiccups for fresh air.

Heart-beat lives in synthesized display machine,
Blood pressure monitored in analogue
Feeble corridors of veins pump blood in vain.
His arteries and capillaries strain by low oxygen intake.
Day light dooms slowly behind his retinas.
Spasm seizes and pulls his remaining muscles.

I could read his mind on facial expressions
A sickening empathy consumes me as his tongue collapse.
My hand unaware subtly touches his heart.
Crest fallen I try boosting his confidence.
Let me beg your release from pain of life
May your soul depart in a chariot of my obeisance?
A dream vanishes beyond recollection.
Dove escapes fluttering her angelic wings

OH I am In LOve

Under blanket of goose-pimples,
I feel your lust-full bear hug.
I drained melting in your arms.,
tying tiny droplets of my passion.
Adoring on your forehead,
Like flash of falling stars in night sky.
I view anxiety dancing on your naval
World vanishes behind your eyes.
Eyelids droop down lazily.

I never wish to open my eyelashes,
as my body fill in your torso.
When you retire exhausted,
I doodled love on your skin.
fulfilling my secret desires.
I watch you caressing my passion.
Intoxicated by your body odor,
Mixed with lingering stale perfume;
I carry my self away into ecstasy,
Oh I am in love with you.


He survives a storm by skill,
holding on to his soft strings.
Spinning threads of hopes,
he spans a net all around.

Under tiny legs of uncertainty,
he weaves a neat intricate web.
A trap in silky sticky strings;
laid with aesthetic skills.

Many of his works torn cruelly,
dilapidated by feet of destiny..
Nevertheless, he stamped on world,
by all eight feet, stretched to space.

Untiringly he logged on to time,
knitting his spiral trap in camera.
Finally he created a wonder,
Showing King Solomon how to survive.

Now every creature is cob-webbed.
trapped in internet of illusory delusion,
Body and souls entangled in WWW,
gasping for breath from web cast.

Baby Arrives

Baby Arrives

Little star just came down,
on wings of an angel.
He was a mother’s dream flower,
glided Milky Way to earth.
Holding umbilical cord of hopes,
arrived trekking a long way.
A host of unfulfilled wishes,
in shape of flesh and blood.
Journey continues one life to….
All time followed by a shadow.
A loud creaky baby cry, he is born
He sneezes loudly spraying,
creamy run from his nose.
His arrival is registered.
Mother blooms a fragrant smile

Life continues

Grubbing the world, by senses
We live in a colourful myth.
Playing a part so designed,
on many stages of world.
We stroll as somnambulists.
Behind droopy drapes of eye lids,
we live until vision of brilliance strikes,
Before drama concludes,
melodrama of life enters.

As we grow
Holding a flame in our hearts,
we come into turbulence,
often lives through tempests,
rolling in fear of its overturn.
One day a thunderbolt,
a thud, skeletons collapse.
There are many in cupboards.
Idols break into sharp flints
Still you would see a flame escapes you,
joining the flare up on sky.
a flash of lightning gleam horizon
darkness again!

Yet Another Flower Falls

There he lies a bare truth.
A Spent life, pauper in full.
A glare of myth just vanished.
leaving a mystic bubble behind.

Behind veil of mist he danced,
blaring out his throat in rhythm.
Moon walking to soul of music,
he stretched hands hugging lives.

Far and wide he trotted globe,
wearing rainbow over his head.
A crown of jewels he wore,
rocking and popping his crowd.

Dressed in soap suds he played,
melting his body with music.
Among roars and claps of fans,
he lived floating a tinsel life.

A soul full of soul full melodies,
streamed out of his frail frame.
Leaning world, bowled over him.
making him a pet chameleon.

One day he fell off the rostrum.
litter his skeleton all around
His composure ridiculed cruelly,
smearing his vanity with shame

In a coffin of images he will lived
singing a melancholy to soul.
We place a wreath of our love,
Still; feeling touch of his feet in our hearts.

Who Tied Those Empty Cradles On A Tree Top?

Hands stretched open “she doctor” left.
Behind her follows a thousand hands.
Tiny bodies who got terminated,
even before natural birth and death.

We never saw sun shine, earth or sky,
neither moon nor shine of stars.
Embryo of our dreams got shattered,
plucked from womb of infidelity.

Floating with a scalpel you chopped,
counted our heads as souvenirs.
Creating a mansion by our bones,
did you not live an empty life?

Here we pity your helpless plight.
Our souls swing tied on a tiny cradle.
In those barren wombs we lie dry.
As fried out seeds of hypocrisy.