Satheesan Rangorath

Give Me That

I found my words exhausted,
limping out of my pen in pain.
I remain thoughtless n’ lost.
My images fall smashing hail.
As day dreams they fizzle.
After I saw you I felt my futile.
All I wished was your grace.
I knew you enveloped me in.
I can still see your smile everywhere.
Now my metaphors diminished.
In scanty thoughts I saw your glow.
By a Basil leave I worship you,
placing my heart in a tray of silence.
Bless me with your charm.
Bless me with your aroma.
Bless me with your love.
Bless me. bless me. bless me.
Let me adore you with a soulful syllable?
Give me that syllable as breathe!

Sheathe Less

I decided to do away with my hair-dye.
Suddenly I heard some chuckle
Some one was struggling inside.
An old man stepped out of body.
His rickety bones rattle with time.
He walked away shedding sheaths.
At last he threw away his denture too.
Still keeping an eye on lonely ‘I’
Oh! What a pure smile he kept on!
His gums rose in eastern horizon,
While his body floats in western sea,
Shrill cry of newborn baby rise in air
Nature is reincarnated again!


A fine breeze passes through.
Right spiraled empty shell tunes;
Sound of life, soft n’ subtle ‘Aum,”
travels far and wide wading forests.

Whistling through bamboo shoots,
sweet melodies by seven notes arise.
Divinity of rhythm falls on earth,
on the tempo of nature’s heart.

In expanse of ear drums hymns evoke.
Music of cosmic extravaganza rhymes.
Sweet soft beat of pulsating lives tick,
creating symphony of divine love

Sounds create matters of existence.
Each object lives in unique letters.
Languages, music, thoughts, are born,
In purity of meditative minds, mantras born.

Every breathe is a music of life.
Pulsation synthesizes tunes and tones.
Diction and cadence of language’
creates master pieces in seventh symphony.

Life is beautiful set by soulful rhythm,
tunes percolate by percussion drums
Day beats retreat in heart of night.
Exotic Song of silence prevails.

Music of all forms manifest every where
Every heart beat becomes song of life
Creatures big and small creates rhyme,
whistling though whole of souls.

Some Thoughts About Jesus Christ

I decorate lighting my light heart,
On a pine, Christmas tree of devotion.
Several wishes are hung in globules,
shading life in colourful dreams.

Many thoughts flicker in delight,
in glittering Sequence of dancing droplets.
Ribbons roll and flutter in breeze.
Divinity is born in huts of every heart.

A celestial chant of love, born as baby,
Smile of heaven fell in a crib of wisdom
From the deluge of ignorance, emerges,
Xavier, thunderbolt of enlightenment.

I remember you eating your last supper,
with a half lit smile on corner of your lips.
Then you left us, on the face of earth,
flowing your blood of sarcasm on us.

All of us are searching for trails you left,
High above the mountain, beyond sky,
In mysterious ocean of life and death,
We found nothing, but your compassion for all

When season changes every time on earth,
we remember seeing your face reflect its hue.
When you helped carry a cross beyond horizon,
you alone ,were carrying world to its destiny.

Country Weddding

Plantain leaves lie scattered on a corner.
Black ants are having a feast from the remains,
Make a beeline out into the coconut groove.
With a grain of morsel each on their head.
Stray dogs are growling, snarling, their teeth out,
Threatening each other, readying for a fight,
Crows are calling their friends, for a share of meal.
A crowd is flocking in, pecking at the remains of a marriage lunch.

The guests are leaving one by one,
Some stands, in a circle gossiping.
Chewing Beatle leaves, with lime and betel nuts.
Often, spitting thick red saliva on flower plants.
Some men are enjoying a rare cigarette smoke,
Holding the cigarette in a peculiar way under fist.
Looks on as if they are doing a wonder!
The village head is encircled by a few admirers.
Showing off the nuptial poem he wrote for the occasion.

Women in silk Saris giggle, and murmur shyly.
Back of their blouses smeared with the hair oil,
Makes a dark shade, mingling with perspiration.
Their lips in red hue leaving a drop or two of-
-Beatle juice on their chins.

Children having the whale of a time.
Playing hide and seek, with their pals.
Slowly the drummers leaving, their drums,
Covered, in khaki clothes hung on the shoulders,
Stops, in front for a pinch of tobacco.
The caterers depart carrying empty pots.

Suddenly, the crowd huddles together at the porch.
The floral decorated car arrives,
The driver moves out, taking pride on decorating the car,
Combs his hair looking at the rear mirror.
The groom cracking jokes with his friends walk in.
The bride arrives, in her beautiful braided sari,
Wearing, all her Jewellery, her hands covered in bangles.
The old men and women assembled in order.
Blesses, the newly wedded, as they touch their feet,
While, placing some money on a Beatle leaf.
Suddenly, the girl sobs as she embraces her mother and father.
Its time to say good bye, as the auspicious time approaches.
All lifts their hands up gesturing good wishes.

The great grandma sits on the floor, legs stretched.
Slowly starts to grind the Beatle leaves with ingredients
The slow and rhythmic sound from her small mortar
Mixes in her thoughts, and takes her back to her time.
She was thirteen when she got married!
She often opens a small box, and inspects a flower,
she had kept from her wedding bouquet.
It had lost its freshness too, dry as her thoughts!Colourless as her skin.

Disc Cleaning

De-fragmented mind rests.
A string of soul searching,
then regrouping files in order,
at last rhythmic synchronization.
Hard disc rolls clockwise, then,
anti clockwise revolutions stun.
Counter revolutions by stray groups.
Many viruses flushed into bins.

Peace settles in bulged eyes.
Nightmare resolves to fineness.
Veil of infection lifted up by antidotes,
attacks; infected cells by force.
Vision and images change.
Calm and serenity flutter its pinions.
Bad memories erased full,
as lively images reincarnate.

Doves settle down on ramp.
Day takes a dip in scarlet pool.
By Soft strokes life afloat,
stretching on back to tranquility.
Bikini clad women pop up.
Their smooth bodies shine.
as evening sun peeps in by poolside
My lap top rests after tiresome surfing.

Stars dim behind horizon.
Fully formatted mind chills,
By a cool shower of imagination
I reincarnate myself into new world.
Let me have that piece of Apple.
Give me a Blackberry to bite.
I love a tinge of spice under my blue-tooth.
Oh! My mouse is trapped in a web net

In The Flow of Time

Day wears ashes covering body in grey.
Smear of gloom in spirits hangs a steep silence.

Flint flash of a metaphor struck my thoughts.
Futile images vanished, vanity tumbled down.

Moonlit glow on my closely shaved head,
days doom in despair waiting for some one.

Casting away shades; Sun wears ocher robs.
I sunk my self in bare; craving for freedom.

Stars shine in my eyes, as world shrinks into a spec.
I found myself in a dead star among mass of filths.

World melted down before me as I too disintegrate
I wept shameless searching for the one I seek.

Your fondle flared me, awakening from deep slumber.
I thank you retaining me in full awareness of my divinity.

In you my dreams retreat flashing entire cosmic entity.
Mystic world tweaks by a naughty smile in your eyes.

I fell silent in your muteness as you filled me with love
Slipping into depths of meditation I found my self dancing

A cool breeze encircle slowly as you breathe in.
Kindling a fire in hearth of my heart enlightening me

Raining purity a plenty you stream,
sprouting fresh hopes on earth.
Peace dawn on where ever you look
while lighting a smile on every face.
Deserts bloom by touch of your feet;
Tsunamis recede by your command.
Let me un-hold you so that you will hold me
tighter, closer to you like a baby.

What Is Life?

A little bit of today.
A lot of yesterday,
none of tomorrow.
Life is just a breathe in.
Who knows?
If at all any breathe out.
Yesterday was today.
Today was tomorrow.
We live in memories n’ hopes
One day arrives, a dooms day…
Where all merges in time

Streams of Ganges, Yamuna,
and under-grounded Saraswati,
are In a conference call in Thriveni,
moving as one to a big one..

Ganges, Yamuna, Saraswathi (Now Under ground River)
All threes three rivers of India meets At Thriveni
And flows as one river.

Brain Maping, Poligraph

While on brain mapping,
Many images deciphered.
Manifestations of entire universe
Myths and reality
Creations big and small
Micro, macrocosms
Seasons, causes n’ reasons
“I” came out
A lone dove flew away to freedom…..
That is it.


A long session,
Ye and nay.
Then at last,
all lies exit.
one truth.
Truth of truth
I am.

One Last Time Please

In excruciating pain I live,
by my brain nailed; to kill.
Who did that? Mom or daddy?
I wonder who plugged me.
Being born as girl a crime?
I never knew my fate on earth,
shall, meet with cruel reality,
of hate for a new born baby girl.

In the womb of hopes I dreamt,
a world full of love n’ equality.
I craved to touch my feet on raw earth,
just to feel invigorating smell of life.
World runs by megalomaniacs,
where I lost my brain in a crucifix.
Nothing have I lost but my grey matter.
Not a link broken on my chains

I see doomed faces of parents.
who sealed my fate by a hammer.
Oh what a pain it was I could not even cry,
as my mouth was plugged to a breast.
Tears dripped off incessant off my eyes,
not of my plight, but of tumbling red stars.
Under blood lit streets of dismay I trek,
dangling my head in fear; while limping on.
My feet touch on litter of dead images,
stale smell of fallen flowers rise in the air.
Isms lie beheaded by a rusted sickle,
still I stroll by seasons, stalking on hopes.
Through frost bitten trees I look anxious.
Season shall sprout silk on it again.
Sun burned skin drench in monsoon rains,
cleansing filths and dirt of cataclysms.

Mother let me rest on your lap a bit.
Let me feel your warmth once for all.
Let me leave an unfinished cry in your heart.
Let me hold you on, my mom one last time please!

Why I wrote this poem?

In china a girl was operated in her brain as she complained severe headache
since childhood.. Doctors perplexed to a pin struck in her brain. On investigation it was discovered that her parents did that in order to terminate her. Chinese law does not allow parents to have more than one child. In china parents are sentimental about having boy so many parents legally or illegally kill their girl child. This news touched my heart. Hence, this poem.