Saran Abby

Human Creatres with Million Features

I’ve been watching you from ages,
I’ve been seeing you going through stages,
I’ve been writing ‘bout you in pages.
You have only two faces,
And in colors several races.
Sometime you’re a brave,
Sometime a coward in cave.
You say earth your mother,
And every human your brother.
But for pride or profit, you drive their murder.
You stand on your words a little,
You fake flesh existing creature,
I am lack of words describing your feature.
I’ve seen you turning faster than time, And hugging thrown ones saying them mine.

Under the Coffin

Oh! My angel I’ve some new words to say,
Staying locked in your arms, are gone days.
Under coffin of your memories, wanna lay.
I dream often of two hearts sailing in a bay.
World forgotten, soaked in love promise is done,
Priority to each other and hence they become one.
Wonderful eyes, warmed up in nova’s glow.
Hearts stitched one with Barb’s golden bow.
On back of a Sea Hawk, they sit and take a flight,
Suddenly get torn into TWO, with worldly light.
One’s attracted with silver rays, other in a corner stays.
Lonesome’s panic tears the life, so one often prays.
Better than dying every moment and applying remedies,
Give me a death under coffin of your beautiful memories.
Oh! Please sweetheart…
Scare not of being blamed, as a ruthless lover you won’t be famed.
I’ve loved you; under that coffin just your love would be raised.