Sadia Zainab

Empty Street

Walking on the empty street
walking with an empty minnd
met a person who was very kind
felt like i reached my destination
cos he was admiration
everyday became a source of inspiration
on a fine day somebody came
but she is not to be blame
it was from that day
i lost him in every way
Alas! he was gone
leaving me all alone
and i standing alone on my feet
in the lonely empty street………..

Missing You

Long time ago i havent seen you
Its longtime i hvnt heard i love you
Im eagerly waitng for dt day
Cos it wll be special for me in evry way
You are the one i dream of all the time
Cos of u i say all dt lov isnt a crime
be the same what you are
eventhough you are near or far
you all always be mine
and this is the reason im always fine
missng you comeback soon
cos you are my moon
Take care
cos i really cant bear.
lve u dear
hope you wre near

Lost My Value

I lost my value
all my happiness are due
even there is no clue
to explain
or to complain
what my heart is feelng
and how my pain is healing
im all left all alone
and everyone is gone
there is no one to hear
to make my point clear
and no one to wipe my tear
iam nowadays treat as a outsider
to whome no one care nor bother
iam planning to die
and for everyone is its just a lie
my heart was always with you
and you broke it into two
iam blessed with everything
but i could do nothing
why should i live
when there is no respect for me to give
my heart is broken into two
but remember i still loves you!!!!!!!!

Last Wish

It was June
and i was waiting for the moon
cos it was someones birthday
i tried hard to be free that day
but i was busy in every way
why does my heart cares you so much
and why iam comfortable only with your touch
thinking of this i couldn’t sleep whole night
and i prayed everything to be alright
i was happy cos i was the first one to wish you
and next year there will be someone with you
may be you will forget me
i know your wife n how is she
i also pray to keep you both happy
but my heart is unhappy
im going to miss you everywhere
cos you were the person with whome i’d share
and also you are the person to whome i care
any how iam not going to forget you
cos i loved only you
and at last may god your dreams come true

All Alone

Never dare you leave me
you dont know how alone im going to be
my world is empty without you
and my dreams will never come true
i remembered the day when i cry
and your endless try
to make me smile
just for a while
our daily long walks
and your sweet talks
are always going to be in my heart
and iam never it is going to depart
you are my flavour of every season
thats the reason i love you for so many reason
your sweet charming voice
and your perfect choice
makes me crazy
and you are never lazy
fr me you are special in every way
and iam always with you every day
please dnt leave me
you are very special to me
my eyes will be full of cry
and one day ill die

My First Kiss

my first kiss
i always miss
you held me so tight
as if you were having every right
you were not ready to leave
and that time i couldnt breathe
time was going so long
thats the reason you sung a romantic song
after tht i could feel the softness of your hand
as i hope n felt that this relationship should never end
it was the first and the last chance
when you made me do a romantic dance
you played with my hair
as i dont let anyone touch my hair
i let you cos i know how much you care
i was completely with you
and your dream came true
that was the last time we were together
and iam never going to forget forever
i wish that day never end
if i get a chance to gift you something
i would gift you a kiss
that i always miss!

Broken Heart

what was my mistake?
why does my heart ache??
i had given everythng i could
and i dint expect that you would
break my heart
and gift me a gift of depart
i was always with you to handle
and i became a candle
i burnt myself to give you happiness
and i ignored your forgiveness
you were always in my dream
and i felt u like my favourite icecream
you had played with my life
promisng me 2 make ur wife
in the begining u said me 2 leave evrythng and cme 2 you
and i did that
and at last you said me 2 leave you and love everythng
bt i dint
cos i love you
i miss you
and i dnt want to loose you
bt wht 2 do?
dere is nothng i could do?
i jst smiles by recallng our sweet memories
and specially the game of eatng cherries
any how iam nt sad dt you left me
iam happy that u wre once a part of my life
knowing that i can never be ur wife
why did you broke my heart?
why did you depart?!