Rie - Page 2

Let The Memories Gone

love n hopes
yearn n memories
fancy n realities
fill up my white sheet with black stain

i try to reopen new white sheet of my life
n remove the black stain from there
but i cant do it again
its the most serious wound for me

dark cloud on border of the sky
not dark enough like my heart feeling
past time between hopes n happiness
now just like dust n its meaningless

let past time which full of thorn fly away
let all in vain be lost
let all in strange be worn out
nothing more to be reminded

now i have to be able
to throw away the past time which full of memories
trying to reach for a new hope
with full of conviction feeling…………

Do You Really Love Me?

Day after day has passed away
On my natural n bored life

Unhappiness is always come

Remembering u as my daily activity
Every single minute on my day
All i’ve done is just saying ur name
Lamentation of my deep heart
Leave me with this stupid feeling
Yearning to see u again

Looking for ur face upon the skies
Once i got it n its never enough 4 me
Visualized that u r looking @ me too
Every words u’ve said to me b4

Make me want to spend all my time until
End of the time with u…. can it happen?????

Let Me

Tonight sky is so bright n clear
but my heart become confused
that feeling is come again
take me to my old wound

feel like i want to tell the truth
to remove my confused
but i don’t know
with who i have to talk

now u have got your real girl there
did u still remember me???
maybe not……..
eventhought its all like that
let me to keep loving u dear
n save this love in my deep heart…

Missing You

i really miss you
feels like missing something
don’t know what to do
don’t know what to think
just know 1 thing
its all ’bout u….

i open my file
i read all your poem there
feels like lighting in my blood
when i read your name there
in the end of the line…
tears come n keep falling
but it cant erased what i feel

i write this with tears n smile
coz i cant stop thinking ’bout u
tears for feeling miss u so much
smile for wishing u all the best there

i hope u r here now beside me
holding hand n laying my head on ur shoulder
talking ’bout us n show u how much i love u
but i am sure u will know it anyway…

Mom Poem

take sheltered in mom embrace
to hush up all heart pain n grudge
detached from other images

feel calm down with mom
pulling some clear conclusion
finding heart coolness

your not here now
where i have to stop my step
to find my heart composure