How I Feel

Even when im smiling inside im broken…
Do u no ive made u everything in my life?!
Tears streaming down my face
In this world i seem to have no place,
My existence u could simply erase!!
Why do i matter? I do to them, to me, to u, but the way i feel; is like this pain kills!
I cant escape it! Am i just throwing another addicts fit?
Cz i cant have my way?
Why? Ur resistance makes me cry…
I want u to stay i want u each n everyday,
but u seem to pull away, why?? Why?
U deny my love, ive only wanted u.
Ur the only love ive ever known and with time its overgrown.
Dont make me live without. Ur who im about! Stop turning me from you.
U know u want me to. If i were to give up, on me, on u, on love, then i wouldnt be the person i was meant to be!
I need u like u need me!
U complete and keep me happy!!
If what u want is me to walk away i play to win i dont give in…


I have every thing.
Joy that life brings and yet im still so lonely.
Know one notices me! I am filled,empty!! I love but i hate him.
I cant stand to lose but i dont know how to win?!
Should i walk away?
My heart says stay, tommorow is another day.
But rite now im so lonely in this dark empty…
Space, tears stream down so i hide my face i feel like im suffocating.
All these mixed emotions are so aggravating i want to die!
Instead i hang my head and cry.
Sad lonely tears that smear my made up face i put on to earn your embrace.
Then you walk away never eager to hear what i need to say.
I love you but do you love me.
I dont want the things that money buy i want loves lullaby…
You know happily ever after!
You and i are a disaster.
Cant stand to be apart but i feel this relationship isnt coming from your heart.
Yes ill be sad but arent i already leave and let me be.
Make a decision please!!
Cant you see im on my knees, asking for closure for comfort for the pain i will endure.
Ill wipe away the tears that have fallen all these wasted years.
I hug you one last time,kiss and say goodbye…
I dont want to be lonely without you but i am lonely when im with you.
Ive been so confused but i know this i must do.
To our hearts we must be true.
My wonds ill now soothe.
Youll become a distant memory of a time when i use to be so lonely.

Walk Away

You thought youd break me,
instead you made me realize.
Your stupid lies, i dont wanna hear your cries.
Guess what, i dont sympatize!
You should of known that the love we had stopped growing.
You should have told me.
Why!! Instead you chose to lie. Now your begging with your eyes…
Ive already packed my bags.
Your a part of my past. Your gonna miss what we had.
Regret it but too bad! Im gone…
And you never know what you have till you see it walk away.
You cant shout for me to stay, ive tuned you out!
I know what your about, baby baby please! Even down on your knees, but your pleas wont work!
Im a women whose been hurt, treated like nothing! Worse then dirt,
and if i stayed again youd stray and i cant live my life that way.
You dug your ditch now its time for you to lay!!

When IM with YOU

I get a warm feeling inside.
Ive tried to hide it when you come around me.
Hearts is all I see.
Your love is so precious to me.
I feel so full of life.
IM so anxious to become your wife.
Stand beside you through thick and thin.
to comfort when you loose, congratulate when you win.
No matter what you do, no matter where youve been
Ill listen to your words i’ll agree with your reason.
As long as you hold me all through the seasons.
I aim to make you smile.
I’ll cook, clean, go that extra mile.
All I want is YOU!
YOU are my dream come true.