Paromita - Page 3


Once you were in the bubble bath
I liked to stir you up more.
Half the suds went in your eyes
And half went on the floor.

The beauty laid in your soapy body
I wished to giggle them on my skin,
And when it sticked on your face with noddy
They dangled from your chin.

When you splashed them hard from your breast
They popped and disappeared,
I wished you to wrap me you around your chest
You made me greedy to be appeared

The coldness went away,
With one flash of your smile.
Its bubbling water seemed me to say,
“Will you hug your hubby for a while?”

Wedding Vow

A clear cloudless day,
May’s midday sun beating down
Lovers’ hearts take flight

Headed with the love’s crown

Two sweet turtle doves,
making vows in front of God
Forever as one

In the feet of the Lord

“So from today in all Pujas, when together, I will take your last name.
Because I know we both want to feel the same.”

So here it is my wedding vow to you
We both will love and respect them.
Now bind me with security and your sweet kiss,
To feel you as my husband.

Now I am with
the love of you life.
This is no myth.
Now I am your wife.

Please fill my life with joy
And keep me on your feet
Sanctify my soul
and make my life complete.

How blessed was the day
that you became my man
and without a second thought
For you, I shall do all whatever I can.

Bedtime Orison

Before I close my eyes each night
I pray that you are sound
Resting with the soft delight
With hopes and dreams abound
Somewhere, I know you do the same
For me, when day is gone
This LOVE that we both proclaim
Brings the hope of dawn.

See my soul through darker days
And do share in my concern
Stand behind my life, always –
In duty, I return
We live and laugh; we hurt and cry
Yet, through it all, we vow
The roads that we have traveled by
Have brought us, more love we have to sow.

Before I close my eyes each night
I pray that you are fine
Resting beneath the bold moonlight
God placed here by design
Somewhere, I know you think the same
As proof my life is blessed
With the love’s flame
Each night, before I rest.


Our life is like a tiny star
Reigning in the Universe like a Czar
It s a passage of time ,in a field of rally,
pulsating, blinking on and off in the alley.

Our bio is like a comet; always in collide
with new unpredictable mystery
The infinite possibilities will create a history
struggling for identity and fulfillment with pride.

Romance of RA(SUN) And THOT(MOON)

End of the day
No other way
Mr. Sun goes to hide
Lady Moon shines with pride

After sun burns
Moonlight turns
Never ending ritual
Life’s marital or burial

Moon wants to meet her love
Which is the ever sun above
Lady Moon drops her endless tears
As millions of glittering stars
End of the night
Dawn’s beautiful sight

Moon must fade
Sun tunes His trade
Sun seems to sparkle with love
Like a huge golden dove

Moon’s ever dark sadness
Sun’s eternal light gladness
Twists up a never ending story of above
Of an impossible love.

My Eden

Tears swelled up in our eyes last night
As rain drops fall from heaven
Simply a walking disguise in the light
As rain drops fall from heaven.

Wondered when I will be alright
Grew so weak, no energy to fight
On the verge of loosing a little hope in my mind
Wished that I could simply unwind.

As time goes love for you made me blind
Knew that I can never leave you behind
Wanted to make everything right
Wished I could see you in sight

Wished I had the strength to fight
Wished I could hold you tight
Knew you too was remembering me
None of us knew how it meant to be

Thinking back to the times we had
Smiles and laughter but yet so sad
Laying on bed all alone
Wished you were with me in back home

Now the only thing that was on my mind
Is the memories we had way back in time
The tears from my eyes and deep inside
Matches the drops that came from the sky

Right into my arms where you belong
So that I can sing for you a song
A song that tells you how I feel
A song that is nothing but real.

But one in a billion phrase, YOU are to me——

You have a loving heart,
A reverie, a dream,
You are a babbling brook,
A gently rushing stream.
You have the warmest smile,
You are a place of glee,

You are whatever I want,
Whatever I want it to be -.

My Adoration

The last few days I realized,
just exactly what you mean to me,
you’ve brought back feelings forbidden,
you’ve set my heart free.
I realized how much I love you,
how much I truly care,
I had given you my very life,
take it off, if you dare.
For you I had handed you my heart,
for you I had given my life,
And also you my soul,
the day when you had called me your” wife.”
For you I’d live to support you,
in any way I’m able,
for you I’d die to protect you,
that is no lie or fable.
For you I had given everything,
my mind, my soul, my heart,
I had been through with you through anything,
I couldn’t live to see us part.
For you I’ll be the best,
a woman could ever be,
for you I would hold you to the last,
I could never flee.
For you I’ll show you true love,
as you have shown in me,
for you I’d give my final breath,
I surrender my heart to thee.
Be it chance or fate,
that brought you here to me,
my life is yours to do with,
I surrender my heart to thee.


From 30th June onwards,
You shall not walk alone.
My heart will be your shelter,
And my arms will be your home.

I woke up in the morning with a beautiful light
The glow of your love so beautiful and bright
To have you cuddle in my arms, the taste of you lips on mine
To hold you, cherish you and to love you I promise to do for all time

The vision of a smile across your face
As you realize that I have watched you awake
I watched the sun as it appears through the leaves
But it’s your beauty and smile that I awake to see

I watch the world as it awakens and comes to life in chubby
But the one desire that I have first thing is the sight of you, my hubby
On that lazy Saturday morning, a cloudy summer day
It’s your love that warms me, for that each day I pray

I promise you all my heart’s devotion;
A grin to chase away your tears of sorrow;
A love that’s ever true with dedication;
A hand to hold in yours through each tomorrow

Today I married my justest friend,
Our bond complete, it has no end,
We share one soul, we share one heart,
A perfect time – a perfect start.

With these vows we share together,
Aroha so close and never to depart,
This glittering day – two dazzling hearts,
Let nothing keep this amour apart.


Life is a journey
A journey of time
Where a heart needs another
To give it a shine

We’re all on a journey
With two paths to take
One that is right
And the one that can break

With many a set back
We’ll find hard to bear
It’s love and true friendship
That will help us to care

For a heart that is lonely
Can fill up with strain
Like a plant that can wither
Without sun and rain

So together when sharing
Surely we’ll find
it’s the treasure of life
That can give peace of mind.

Candle Of Ablaze

Hope is a candle in the night
hope is a long respite

Hope is a feather
Once lifted, it goes only higher

Hope is an oasis in a desert
Hope is a diamond in the dirt

Hope is everywhere
Yet hope is scarcely anywhere

Hope is the dream of better days
Hope is the passion in all ways

Hope is a beautiful noise
And hope is in tranquil voice

Hope is there in near and distance
Hope is an asset that all has in abundance